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Should the EU be politicised?

Gaëtane Ricard-Nihoul attempts to answer this question by providing a summary of the debates organised by Notre Europe between Simon Hix (LSE) and Stefano Bartolini (European University Institute), enriched with remarks from Paul Magnette (ULB), ...

03/10/2006 Synthesis - Notre Europe

Reaction of Pepper D. Culpepper and Archon Fung to Andrew Moravcsik's article on the collapse of the Constitutional treaty

Crisply reasoned argumentation, even when it is dead wrong, is always welcome in the debate on the alleged crisis of democracy in the European Union. Andrew Moravcsik's recent contribution is certainly well argued, and we agree wholeheartedly with ...

02/10/2006 Tribune - Archon Fung and Pepper Culpepper

Reaction of Paul Magnette to Andrew Moravcsik's article on the collapse of the Constitutional treaty

Andrew Moravcsik's faithful readers will find here the qualities that earned his work its reputation: a tight argumentation systematically structured, and polemic in the noblest sense of the word. They will also rekindle their acquaintance with ...

29/09/2006 Tribune - Paul Magnette

Reaction of James Fishkin to Andrew Moravcsik's article on the collapse of the Constitutional treaty

Moravcsik's critique of EU popular consultation concentrates especially on two causal connections he regards as dubious: First that "greater participation generates more informed deliberation " and second that "more informed or intensive ...

27/09/2006 Tribune - James S. Fishkin

Can you imagine a referendum to European level and under what conditions?

Is it possible to introduce the refendum in the European political system. The question is being asked while the Convention process goes on.

22/09/2006 Policy paper - Yannis Papadopoulos

Legitimising the EU through Participation and Deliberation: Mere Wishful Thinking?

Notre Europe, in collaboration with Professor Andrew Moravcsik of Princeton University, has invited prominent thinkers, actors and observers of the EU to join a debate on the following topic: "Legitimising the EU through Participation and ...

21/09/2006 Debates - Andrew Moravcsik
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