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Other news

"Europe in front of crises" - The Jacques Delors Institute in The Federalist

The Jacques Delors Institute is quoted on the European information website The Federalist about the European defense policy in an article entitled "UE/OTAN, obsolescence programmée ?", on July, 26th, 2017.


The digital transformation in Europe - Enrico Letta in Corriere di Arezzo

The President of the Jacques Delors Institute, Enrico Letta, is mentionned in an article of the Italian newspaper Corriere di Arezzo about his intervention at a conference about the digital transformation organised in Rome entitled "Digital ...

21/07/2017 Interview - Enrico Letta

Member states' solidarity in front of the migratory crisis - Enrico Letta dans

The President of the Jacques Delors Institute, Enrico Letta, is interviewed about the member states' solidarity in front of the migratory crisis in the Italian webstite in an article entitled "Migranti, Letta, solidarietà va regolata", on ...

21/07/2017 Interview - Enrico Letta

Toulouse, 21 September 2017 - What do our MEPs do?

The Jacques Delors Institute, the Comité de liaison du Sud-Ouest du Mouvement européen, the Mouvement Européen – France, the Jeunes Européens – Toulouse and the European School of Law, Toulouse 1 Capitole University, organise a debate with ...

20/07/2017 Conference - Yves Bertoncini and Claire Versini

Macron tests Italian patience over refugees - Enrico Letta in the Financial Times

The President of the Jacques Delors Institute, Enrico Letta, is mentioned in the British newspaper the Financial Times about the strategy of Emmanuel Macron in front of the refugee crisis in Italy and Europe in an article entitled "France’s Macron ...

20/07/2017 Mentions - Enrico Letta

Oviedo, 25 July 2017 - Reply to the Euroskeptic

Yves Bertoncini, director of the Jacques Delors Institute, debates about euroskepticism during the 20th anniversary Clare seminar which tackles upon the issue of the role of the regions in a Europe in transition in Oviedo on the 24 and 25 July 2017.

19/07/2017 Conference - Yves Bertoncini
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