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Jacques Delors, the euro zone and the Greater Europe
Dear readers, we have the pleasure to offer you three Tribunes from recent interventions of our founding president, Jacques Delors, about his political vision of Europe and in particular the joint necessity of a consolidation of the EMU and the revitalisation of the Great Europe.
Rethinking the EMU and making Greater Europe positive again
Rethinking the EMU and making Greater Europe positive again
Jacques Delors held a long speech on 5 June 2013 during a conference organised in Lisbon by the Gulbenkian Foundation to launch a new multiannual partnership with Notre Europe – Jacques Delors Institute.
2013/02/07 Read more
Europe between renewal and decline
Europe between renewal and decline
J. Delors spoke on 6 May at the Royal academy of Belgium about the return to long-term memory, the purpose of a Greater Europe and the consolidation of the EMU. Ph. de Schoutheete made an introductory speech on moral authority in politics.
2013/24/06 Read more
Fear not, we will get there!
Fear not, we will get there!
Jacques Delors delivered a speech on 15 June 2013 in Paris during the Forum of European Progressists. The address focused on 3 ideas: imparting a fresh boost to Europe, developing an enhanced cooperation for the EMU and not forgetting Greater Europe.
2013/28/06 Read more
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