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This Tribune by Pascal Lamy and Synthesis by Claire Versini are based on the seminar on European governance and the Delors Commission, organized in Brussels on 8 December 2015 in partnership with the Historical Archives of the European Union in Florence.
The Tribune by Pascal Lamy explores what he calls the “secrets of fabrication” of the Delors Commissions. The Synthesis by Claire Versini summarizes the primary takeaways from the seminar, defined notably by the interventions of Pascal Lamy, Helen Drake, Piers Ludlow, and Olivier Costa.
These publications conclude our series of works on the theme, “Presiding the Commission – Governing Europe” and precede the opening of Jacques Delors’s personal archives (1985-1994) starting on 17 February 2016.
The Delors Commissions and their trade secrets
The Delors Commissions and their trade secrets
This Tribune by Pascal Lamy reveals what he considers as some "trade secrets" of the Delors Commissions; it is directly inspired by his keynote speech given during a seminar devoted to the Commission's presidency and the European governance.
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The "Delors Commissions": what can be learned for today's EU?
The \
This synthesis by Claire Versini summarizes the main elements of the debates of the seminar organised in conjunction with the Historical archives of the European Union of Florence in Brussels on the 8 December 2015, between practitioners and analysts from the Delors Commissions and experts in ...
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