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Sébastien Maillard

Sébastien Maillard

Director of the Jacques Delors Institute

Sébastien Maillard was a journalist at La Croix, where he recently covered the campaign of Emmanuel Macron. Previously correspondent of the daily in Brussels and then in Rome, he made numerous reportages across the continent. He is a specialist in European affairs that he teached at Sciences Po (Paris) and Boston College. He is also involved in various actions for Europe (EuropaNova, Comece, Robert Schuman House), and wrote "What We Have made of Europe?" (edited by Salvator, 2013). He is preparing a new book on Europe with our president, Enrico Letta, to be published in September. He is currently Director of the Jacques Delors Institute.

Twitter: @seb_maillard


Nicolò Conti, media relations
Cliona Chadwick, executive assistant
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