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Yves Pascouau

Yves Pascouau

Associate senior research fellow at the Jacques Delors Institute and director at the European Policy Centre

Yves Pascouau is associate senior research fellow at the Jacques Delors Institute and Director at the European Policy Centre.He has worked and published widely on European and national immigration, asylum and integration policies. His current work is mainly dedicated to EU development in the field of immigration, asylum and integration.Prior to joining the European Policy Centre, he worked as researcher in France (Université de Pau et des Pays de l’Adour) and in Belgium (Université Libre de Bruxelles). He holds a PhD in Law from Pau University in France.
- Valletta, 27-28 February 2016 - The EU neighbourhood: how to stabilize the ring of fire? - Lisbonne, 21-22 November 2016 - Improving the Response to the Migration and Refugee Crisis in Europe - Vaux-de-Cernay, 8-9 July - Resolving the refugee crisis / Fighting the terrorist threat - Berlin, 4 July 2016 - Schengen at the crossroads - Paris, 11 May 2016 - European migration policy starts outside the EU - Saint Omer, 9 March 2016 - The Schengen area and the massive influx of refugees - Nantes, 3 October 2015 - Millenium dévelopment goals: final assesment before a new start - Paris, 26 June 2015 - The Schengen area under threat: Problem or solution? - Nantes, 27 May 2015 - The migration question: towards a united Europe ? - Paris, 27 June 2014 - Immigration and asylum: which policy for the EU? - Paris, 4 July 2013 - What strategy(ies) to address the demographic challenge? - Brussels, 30 October 2012 - Facing the EU demographic challenge through a comprehensive migration strategy?
- Yves Pascouau on CGTN: French election the next black swan event? - Yves Pascouau on RFI: "Sécurité: faut-il rétablir le contrôle aux frontières intérieures de l'UE?" - Yves Pascouau on the morning programme of Europe1: all is done to save Schengen - Yves Pascouau with António Vitorino on EuradioNantes: "Schengen at the Crossroads" - Our event Vision Europe Summit in La Croix - Yves Pascouau in L'Obs about the positions on Europe of the French right - Yves Pascouau is the guest of RCF radio to discuss Pope calls for parishes to house migrants one year later - Yves Pascouau in "Soon, entries in Europe will be charged" - Y. Pascouau on Radio Chrétienne Francophone : L'Union Européenne n'a pas abandonné les migrants - On the Move - The humanitarian aid to migrants and unaccompanied minors - Yves Pascouau on RFI to explain the Austrian asylum law - Yves Pascouau in Ouest France : Accord UE-Turquie : quel droit d'asile ? - Y. Pascouau in La Tribune : Pourquoi l'accord entre l'UE et la Turquie ne résoudra pas la crise des migrants - Yves Pascouau in l'Opinion about the EU-Turkey agreement - Y. Bertoncini et Y. Pascouau in Capital : Migrants : pourquoi l'espace Schengen ne nous protège plus - Yves Pascouau in Challenges sur la crise des réfugiés - Yves Pascouau in The Christian Science Monitor about the refugee crisis - Yves Pascouau on Radio Slobodna Evropa about the refugee crisis - Yves Pascouau in 20 minutes : La fin de l'espace Schengen, une décision qui pourrait coûter (très) cher - Yves Pascouau in l'Express about European Union faces the migrant crisis - Yves Pascouau in Ouest France : "Schengen n'est pas encore mort" - Yves Pascouau interviewed in 24 heures : "Schengen se fissure, les frontières reviennent" - Yves Pascouau in Libération about borders controls within Schengen - Yves Pascouau interviewed on RCF on the EU migration policy - Yves Pascouau in Ouest France : Comment vivraient les Européens sans Schengen... - Yves Pascouau on Monocle : Should Schengen be saved? - Yves Pascouau interviewed in Le Monde : Contrôles aux frontières, un dispositif prévu par Schengen - Yves Pascouau on France Inter about the monitoring of the Austrian borders - Y.Pascouau in Les Echos : « C'est toute la logique de l'intégration UE qui pourrait être mise en échec » - Yves Pascouau on M6 to analyse the consequences of the restoration of permanent boarders in Schengen - Yves Pascouau on France Culture analyses the Juncker's proposals to manage the migration crisis - Yves Pascouau on France Inter : "La mort des migrants est-elle la mort de l'Union européenne ?" - Yves Pascouau on France Culture : "Des migrations à l'exode. Europe : la solidarité prise en défaut" - Yves Pascouau in Le : "Toutes les entraves à Schengen doivent être aussi minimales que possible" - Yves Pascouau interviewed in Ouest France on the EU migration policy - Yves Pascouau quoted in Le Monde : Faut-il abattre l’espace Schengen ? - A.Vitorino and Y.Pascouau on EuradioNantes: control and solidarity at the EU borders - Yves Pascouau guest of Sud Radio : Faut-il en finir avec l'espace Shengen ? - António Vitorino on Euradionantes to talk about the Schengen area's developpement - Yves Pascouau in the Huffington Post about asylum seekers relocation - Yves Pascouau in Le Monde "Schengen : la tentation des frontières" - Yves Pascouau in l’Express about the 30th anniversary of Schengen - Yves Pascouau on Arte about the 30th anniversary of Schengen - Yves Pascouau on Euradionantes to host a show on the creation of the Schengen Area - Yves Pascouau guest of France culture to talk about the migratory policy in Europe - A.Vitorino and Y.Pascouau on the Huffington Post "L'agenda migratoire de l'UE: un nouvel élan bienvenu" - Yves Pascouau on France 24 English to talk about migratory policy in Europe - Yves Pascouau on France 24 to talk about migratory policy in Europe - Yves Pascouau on Euronews on Schengen Agreements - Yves Pascouau in Public Service Europe about the solidarity and security in the Schengen area.
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