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Claire  Versini

Claire Versini

Events manager ; Citizen & pedagogical activities manager

After completing a double degree in European Affairs at Sciences-Po Paris and the London School of Economics, Claire joined the NE - JDI team as editor (August-December 2013) before being in charge of Jacques Delors’ personal archives. Since September 2014, she is the Jacques Delors Institute event  manager, and since January 2016, its Citizen and pedagogical activities manager.

During her political sciences Bachelor's exchange year, she spent a year in Wahsington DC and Baltimore, working part-time at the Progressive Policy Institute (Democrate Think-Tank) and then at the MLE Project (A project in charge of the evaluation of the Urban Reproductive health programme), while following classes at Johns Hopkins University. After a first year of European Affairs Master in Paris, she focused on European identity and active citizenship during the second year at the LSE. Her Master Dissertation draws on the interactions between European youth policies, active citizenship and European identity. She masters English (C2), Spanish (B2) and learns Italian (A2)


During her internship at the French Agency for the Youth in Action programme, she also partially wrote and then coordinated the publication of the Cahier de l'Action n°39 which title can be translated as "The youth in the euromediterranean cooperation: a lever for democracy?" (Claire Versini (coord.), La jeunesse dans la coopération euro-méditerranéenne : un levier pour la démocratie ?, INJEP, « Les Cahiers de l’action », n°39, Paris, 2013)


Claire is also involved in the Young Europeans, a transpartisan and transeuropean society which seeks to promote democratic debate among European citizens, since 2009. She has notably been elected president of their local branch in Sciences-Po in 2011. She is particularly committed to their "Europe at School programme" and is currently Vice-president in charge of the pedagogical programmes of the Young Europeans - France, at the national level.

Twitter : @ClaireVersini
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