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Nadège Chambon

Nadège Chambon

Associate Research Fellow. CAP, Agriculture and Rural Development

Coming from the Ardèche region in France, Nadège is graduated from the Institut d'Etudes Politiques in Lyon and Strasbourg where she studied political science and economics. 

She is the author of several papers and opinion columns which advocate a long-term vision for post-2013 CAP reform. She has been involved in expert works for the European Commission and the European Parliament. 

In charge of the Citizen Dialogue, she drives a series of conferences and meetings on the European Union for civil society, in particular targetted to teachers and young people, to trade unions and social organisations and also to local elected representatives.

She has coordinated numerous projects at Notre Europe-Jacques Delors Institute such as The Transatlantic Policy Forum (2008), The Think Tanks European Forum (2009) and the first editions of the"European Agora" (2007-2008-2010) . She has also been participating in research on the role of food and wine in the formation of "European identity" (2005-2006).

Previously, she investigated a research on the EU presence in India's capital (2005). Moreover for the French Ministry of Foreign Affairs - French Embassy in New Delhi, she is the author of a report on the French language in India (2003-2004).

Nadège is co-author with Stéphanie Baz of the book "S'affranchir d'un monde désenchanté: Jacques Delors, hier et aujourd'hui", published in March 2014  (Desclée de Brouwer Editions).

- EU resource management: what European external action strategy? - An external strategy for European agriculture - Building Europe: V. Giscard d'Estaing and J. Delors debate with young Europeans - A green path of growth for the European economy? Synthesis of Green Forum 2012 - The Common Strategic Framework: adding value to rural development? - Cohesion Policy Support for Local Development: Best Practice and Future Policy Options - The CAP in the EU Budget: New Objectives and Financial Principles for the Agricultural Budget after 2013 - Subsidiarity versus Solidarity? The example of the European Food Aid Program for the Most Deprived - Food program under discussion: the end of a European solidarity towards the most deprived persons? - Is the CAP a ground for European solidarity or disunion? - In search of the 'best added value for money': analyzing the performance of CAP and cohesion spending - Europe: a heritage, what responsabilities? Synthesis of the Third Europa Forum - CAP budget negotiations: Make or break for the European Union - Reforming the CAP Budget - A Perfect Test for the EU - How to reform CAP to improve agriculture's contribution to the Europe 2020 Strategy? - Transatlantic Policy Forum - Achieving a Doubly Green Revolution - Rural Development in EU policy; a retrospective - Europe 2005-2025 : visions and contributions from think tanks - What European Policy Outlines for 2020? - Europe-United States: A New Deal? Transatlantic Cooperation: Changing Context, New Actors - Experts Seminar: The CAP and the other European Policies: Peculiarities and Convergence - Prague Conference: EU 27: How to cope with the new challenges of Agriculture and Rural Development? - Summary of the Second Europe Forum - What farming models for European societies in the 21st century? - Wine and Europe: What Model for the Old World? - The Concept of European Identity in EU Texts and Policies
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