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Eneko Landaburu

Eneko Landaburu

Special Advisor to the President of the Jacques Delors Institute. Ambassador (ret)

Eneko Landaburu joined the European Commission in 1986, where he was Director General for Regional Policy and Cohesion until 2000. From 2000 until 2003 he was Director General for Enlargement and acted as chief negotiator with candidate countries for accession to the EU. He was subsequently Director General for External Relations (2003-2009). From 1993 until 2000 he was Member of the Board at the European Investment Bank (EIB). He is also Former Ambassador, Head of the Delegation of the European Commission in Morocco.
He is currently Special Advisor to the President of the Jacques Delors Institute.
- Brussels, 5 April 2017 - European Union, where are we after the 60th anniversary of the Treaty of Rome? - Nantes, 22 March 2017 - Europe facing an unstable world - San Sebastian, 11 November 2016 - EUROPA 2020: ¿ Que futuro para la Unión Europea ? - Brussels, 22 June 2015 - The European neighborhood policy: time to change tact? - Tunis, 15 June 2015 - Europe, North Africa: a similar path towards Democracy? - Arras, 7 November 2014 - Are we moving towards a common external policy? - Brussels, 1st September 2014 - Engaging Europe in the world - Paris, 14 January 2014 - European Neighbourhood Policy - Bordeaux, 28 November 2013- The European's political and institutional challenges - Espelette, 19 August 2013 - Chrétiens pour le bien commun de l'Europe ? - Brussels, 15 May 2013 - EU External Action: Time for a Strategic Rebound - From Neighbourhood to Integration Policy: are there concrete Alternatives to Enlargment?
- "Pourquoi nul ne peut s'abstenir", the call from E.Letta, Y.Bertoncini and other personalities in Huff Post - Enrico Letta, Yves Bertoncini and alii on "Les Européens conviés à une « marche pour l’Europe »" - E. Letta, Y. Bertoncini sur Lider.Media : Intelektualci, akademici i građani organiziraju ‘Marš za Europu’ - Enrico Letta, Yves Bertoncini and alii on : Mια ριψοκίνδυνη γεωπολιτική ευκαιρία - E.Letta, Y.Bertoncini & alii on EU and Uncle Trump - A risk and an opportunity - E.Letta, Y.Bertoncini & alii on Die Europäer und Onkel Trump - Chancen und Risiken - Enrico Letta, Yves Bertoncini and some members of our BoD in El Pais : Los europeos y el tío Trump - Enrico Letta, Yves Bertoncini and some members of our BoD in Le Figaro on Donald Trump's presidency - Eneko Landaburu's paper on European Neighbourhood Policy in the Morrocan magazine "Les inspirations Eco" - "Europe’s chance to make strategic comeback" : J. Delors, A. Vitorino, P. Lamy & the Task Force in the FT - "Renverser le déclin européen" : J.Delors, A Vitorino, P.Lamy and the Task Force in Le Temps - J.Delors, A.Vitorino and P.Lamy and the Task Force: "Manifeste pour engager l'Europe dans le monde" - Eneko Landaburu on « L’aide de l’UE au Maroc n’est pas conditionnelle aux droits de l’Homme »
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