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Eulalia Rubio

Eulalia Rubio

Senior Research Fellow. Economic and social affairs, european budget.
The Jacques Delors Institute is an active participant in the debate over EU budget reform. Its work focuses on reform of the system for financing the EU, encouraging constructive debate not centred solely on the notion of net contributions, and ...
Key points
Brexit and the EU budget: threat or opportunity?
Public Sector Reform: How the EU budget is used to encourage it
Investment in Europe: Making the best of the Juncker Plan
Federalising the Eurozone: Towards a true European budget?
The "added value" in EU budgetary debates: one concept, four meanings
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European Budget

The Jacques Delors Institute actively participates in the debates over the functioning and the reform of the EU budget. We advocate for a more effective and flexible EU budget, mostly financed through EU own resources rather than national contributions, and capable of responding to new common challenges such as the refugee crisis, terrorism, low growth and persistently high youth unemployment. We also participate in debates on the EU's investment strategy and the future of the Investment Plan for Europe.

Vienna, 24 November - Fiscal union – Toward a treasury for the euro area?

Eulalia Rubio, senior researcher at the Jacques Delors Institute, participates in a round table about fiscal union during the EMU Forum organised in Vienna on the 24 November 2016.

08/11/2016 Conference - Eulalia Rubio

Brussels, 15 November 2016 - Ensuring coherence with EU eGovernment priorities

Eulalia Rubio, senior researcher at the Jacques Delors Institute, presents the European Parliament study on 'Public sector reform and how the EU budget is used to encourage reform in this regard' in a Panel discussion about eGovernment priorities.

04/11/2016 Conference - Eulalia Rubio

Eulalia Rubio in El País about eurozone area budget

Eulalia Rubio, senior research fellow at the Jacques Delors Institute, is quoted in El País about eurozone area budget in an article entitled: "Un seguro de desempleo europeo es hoy impensable, pero es factible uno complementario al 50%", on October ...

24/10/2016 Programme - Eulalia Rubio

Public Sector Reform: How the EU budget is used to encourage it

This study analyses both the current role and the full potential of the EU budget in fostering public sector reforms in the Member States. It has been requested by the European Parliament's Committee on Budgetary Control.

05/10/2016 Studies and reports - David Rinaldi and Eulalia Rubio

Pascal Lamy on BFM Business: Is Europe under pressure?

Pascal Lamy, our President emeritus, is the guest of BFM Business from 12:30 p. m. to 1:00 p. m., in the program L'Heure H., to debrief the speech of the European Commission President, Jean-Claude Juncker, on the state of the European Union, on ...

14/09/2016 Programme - Pascal Lamy
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