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Sofia Fernandes

Sofia Fernandes

Senior Research Fellow. Economic and social affairs
Eulalia Rubio

Eulalia Rubio

Senior Research Fellow. Economic and social affairs, european budget.
The Jacques Delors Institute’s work on the euro is inspired by the thinking of Jacques Delors and Tommaso Padoa-Schioppa, two of the single currency’s founding fathers. In a context of crisis in the euro zone, Notre Europe-Jacques Delors ...
Key points
Who calls the shots in the euro area? "Brussels" or the member states?
25 years after the Delors Report: what lessons for economic and monetary union?
Which financial instrument to facilitate structural reforms in the euro area?
Blueprint for a Cyclical Shock Insurance in the euro area
Solidarity within the Eurozone: how much, what for, for how long?
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Euro and Economic Governance

Our Policy paper about the Monetary Union on Pagina99

Our Policy paper about the European Monetary Union "Improving EMU: Our recommendations for the debate on the five presidents report", is mentionned in the Italian newspaper Pagina99 in an article entitled "Berlino fa ostruzionismo alla riforma ...

11/04/2017 Mentions - Yves Bertoncini, Henrik Enderlein, Sofia Fernandes, Jörg Haas and Eulalia Rubio

Differentiated Integration in the EU: A Variable Geometry Legitimacy

This Policy Paper by Yves Bertoncini, our director, explores the philosophical, political and institutional conditions which must be met to allow a legitimate deepening of differentiation within the EU.

13/03/2017 Policy paper - Yves Bertoncini

Rome, 20 March 2017 - Completing economic governance and enhancing social cohesion

Yves Bertoncini, director of the Jacques Delors Institute, participates in the international conference "Re-founding Europe - The Responsibility to Propose" organised by the IAI and the Italian Ministry of Foreign affairs in the framework of the 60th ...

11/03/2017 Conference - Yves Bertoncini

Eulalia Rubio on RFI Spanish about the Greek bailout

Eulalia Rubio, senior researcher, is interviewed on RFI Spanish about the Greek bailout on February 22 from 1300 to 1305.

22/02/2017 Programme - Eulalia Rubio

Lisbon, 24th January - High-level seminar on the future of the euro

Eulalia Rubio, senior researcher on economic and social affairs, will participate at a high-level seminar on the future of the euro organised by the government of Portugal, in Lisbon, on January 24, 2017.

16/01/2017 Seminar - Eulalia Rubio

Financial market fragmentation in the euro area: state of play

Henrik Enderlein and Paul Berenberg-Gossler describe differing degrees of financial market integration in the Euro area. They identify the main factors for financial fragmentation and close with some policy proposals, necessary for completing the ...

01/12/2016 Policy paper - Henrik Enderlein and Paul Berenberg-Gossler
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