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Competition Cooperation Solidarity

The triptych «Competition that stimulates, cooperation that strengthens, and solidarity that unites" is Jacques Delors’ defined European cornerstone. It’s through this prism that the Jacques Delors Institute discusses the major economic, social and issues of the European Union agenda.

The Lisbon strategy and the open method of co-ordination: 12 recommendations for an effective multi-level strategy

This Policy Paper aims at providing a critical evaluation of the Lisbon Strategy and provides a total of 12 recommendations to enhance its effectiveness.

28/02/2005 Policy paper - Marjorie Jouen, Renaud Dehousse, Philippe Pochet, Stefan Collignon, Rolf-Ulrich Sprenger, Robert Salais, Jean Gabolde and Hugo de Sousa

Paris, 10 November 2004 - Jacques Delors in Club Témoin

10 November 2004, Jacques Delors will speak at Club Témoin to express his views in favor of the adoption of the European Consitution Treaty:

10/11/2004 Debates - Jacques Delors

Speech of Jacques Delors at the Conference of European Institutes of Statistiques

Dans cette allocution du 13 septembre 2004, Jacques Delors s'interroge sur l'évolution de l'Union face à l'élargissement et sur les contradictions inhérentes aux différentes visions de l'Europe dans les domaines économique et social. Only in ...

14/09/2004 Tribune - Jacques Delors

Direct investement in new Central and Oriental Europe's member

On the 16 April 2003, the Treaty by which the EU will enlarge to 10 members has just been signed in Athens and now has to be ratified in the 25 countries. A priviledged moment to wonder about the foreseeable consequences prévisibles of this status ...

30/04/2003 Studies and reports - Bérénice Picciotto and Jacques Delors

Paris, 8 March 2003 - Budgetary discipline and macro-economic politics in the EU

Is there a convergence between the "Stability Pact" and the Lisbonne strategy? Seminar organized by Notre Europe in Paris on the 8 March 2003.

08/03/2003 Seminar - Notre Europe, Jean-Louis Arnaud and Jacques Delors

United States, 26 March- 4 April 2001 - The Economic and Monetary Union

Series of Conferences on The Economic and Monetary Union by Jacques Delors in the United States, 26 March- 4 April 2001.

26/03/2001 Conference - Jacques Delors
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