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Competition Cooperation Solidarity

The triptych «Competition that stimulates, cooperation that strengthens, and solidarity that unites" is Jacques Delors’ defined European cornerstone. It’s through this prism that the Jacques Delors Institute discusses the major economic, social and issues of the European Union agenda.

The Future Cohesion Policy Should Represent EU Solidarity in Action

On 15th February 1987, Jacques Delors presented the fundamentals of the Cohesion Policy (CP) in the European Parliament. 30 years after, if we want to ensure the continuity of the CP, we need to substantially reform it.

24/03/2017 Tribune - Marjorie Jouen

Yves Bertoncini on "Prezidentské voľby sú referendom o frexite"

Yves Bertoncini, our director, is interviewed on the European information website in the Slovak version in an article entitled: "Prezidentské voľby sú referendom o frexite", on March 24, 2017.

24/03/2017 Programme - Yves Bertoncini

Yves Bertoncini in Le Monde: "Sortir d’une forme de schizophrénie vis-à-vis du grand marché européen"

Yves Bertoncini, our director, co-signs a tribune published in the French newspaper Le Monde entitled: "Notre débat public doit sortir d’une forme de schizophrénie vis-à-vis du grand marché européen", on March 24, 2017.

24/03/2017 Article - Yves Bertoncini and Thierry Chopin

Enrico Letta on Rai 3 à propos des 60 ans des Traités de Rome

Enrico Letta, our President, appears as a guest on Rai 3 in the programme In 1/2 Ora to talk about Europe at the occasion of the 60 anniversary of the signature of the Treaties of Rome, on March 26, 2017 from 2:30 p. m. to 3 p. m.

24/03/2017 Programme - Enrico Letta

Yves Bertoncini on Radio 1 Rai on the 60th aniversary of the Treaty of Rome

Yves Bertoncini, our director, appears as a guest on Radio 1 Rai about the 60th aniversary of the Treaty of Rome, on the 24th of March 2017.

23/03/2017 Programme - Yves Bertoncini

Pascal Lamy on Rai Radio 1 on the Single Market and free movement

Pascal Lamy, our President emeritus, appeared as a guest of Rai Radio 1 to discuss about the Single Market and free movement, on the 20th of March 2017, from 7pm to 7:30pm.

23/03/2017 Programme - Pascal Lamy
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