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Claire  Versini

Claire Versini

Events manager ; Citizen & pedagogical activities manager
Since its creation, and in line with the wishes of its founding President , the Jacques Delors Institute has sought to engage with citizens. While the European project arouses indifference, even distrust, citizens must be involved in the European ...
Key points
Paris, 16 September 2013 - The 2014 European elections : The debate is now!
Paris, 14 novembre 2012 - Valéry Giscard d’Estaing et Jacques Delors lancent le Concours Eustory France
European democracy: circus or reality?
Paris, 10 March 2012 - The 4th Europe Forum
Europe: a heritage, what responsabilities? Synthesis of the Third Europa Forum
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Citizen Dialogue

Since its creation, and in line with the wishes of our founding President, the Jacques Delors Institute has sought to engage with citizens. At a time of indifference and even suspicion towareds the European project among the people, it is crucial to maintain (or re-establish) dialogue with them. Without them, European cooperation cannot move forward.

Dijon, 3 February 2016 - Europe: why so much Schengen hatred?

Yves Bertoncini, Director of the Jacques Delors Institute, is the key note speaker of a conference organised by Sciences Po Dijon, les Jeunes Européens Dijon, and le Centre Europe Direct Bourgogne - Franche Comté about the migratory crisis and the ...

02/02/2016 Conference - Yves Bertoncini

Copenhagen, 28 January 2016 - Denmark, France and the EU: Common challenges, different views?

Yves Bertoncini, director of the Jacques Delors Institute, gives a lecture, organised by the Danish think tank "Europa" on January 28 in Copenhagen, on the challenges brought by Euroscepticism and nationalistic parties, from a French perspective, ...

26/01/2016 Conference - Yves Bertoncini

Toulouse, 27 January 2016 - TTIP : Fears and opportunities

The Jacques Delors Institute, in partnership with the Toulouse School of Economics and Say it aloud, organises a debate about the fears and opportunities driven by the transatlantic treaty, on the 27 January at 6:00 pm in Toulouse.

25/01/2016 - Elvire Fabry

Paris, 23 January 2016 - Europe, or the reasons for distrust

Yves Bertoncini, our director, chairs the workshop "Europe, or the reasons for distrust" within a symposium "Are we right to be scared?" organised by La Vie Nouvelle in Paris on the 23 and 24th of January 2016.

06/01/2016 Conference - Yves Bertoncini

Orléans, 21 January 2016 - Are we done with mad finance in Europe?

The Jacques Delors Institute, in partnership with the Comité Roosevelt and the Mouvement européen Loiret, organises a debate on the many interrogations linked to the finance regulation in Europe, on the 21 January 2016, in Orléans

06/01/2016 Conference - Eulalia Rubio and Michel Barnier

Caen, 18 December 2015 - Europe, in the face of climate change

The Jacques Delors Institute, in cooperation with the European Mouvement - France organises a debate about the opportunities offered by the energetic transition to answer the climate change threat. 

10/12/2015 Conference - Thomas Pellerin-Carlin
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