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Renaud Dehousse

Renaud Dehousse

Adviser, European integration process.
The Jacques Delors Institute is examining the functioning of EU institutions and ways of improving their legitimacy and effectiveness. Its main research work concerns the optimal political balance within the European institutional trapezium ...
Key points
The Community Method, the EU's "default" operating system
The parliaments of the EU and the governance of the EMU
The Community Method, the EU's "default" operating system
The European Council and the Community Method
Co-decision and ‘early agreements’: an improvement or a subversion of the legislative procedure?
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European Institutions

The Jacques Delors' Institute analyzes the functioning of EU institutions and how to improve their legitimacy and effectiveness. Our main research focuses on the political balance in the optimal institutional triangle (Commission, European Council, the EU Council and European Parliament), the Community method and the impact of the new EU treaties.

Audition on the Future of Europe

Audition of Jacques Delors before the EU delegation of the National Assembly on the 6 March 2003, mainly on the Commission work.

10/03/2003 Interview - Jacques Delors

Madrid, 9 May 2002 - Towards a new European Union

Speech by Jacques Delors at the Instituto de España le 9 mai 2002

09/05/2002 Conference - Jacques Delors

United States, 26 mars - 4 avril 2001 - Où va l'Union européenne ?

Conference cycle by Jacques Delors, in the United States (26 mars-4 avril 2001)

28/02/2001 Conference - Jacques Delors

An "Avant-garde" driving the European unification process forward

International Bertelsmann Forum 2001, "Europe without borders", Berlin, January 19-20, 2001.

31/12/2000 Tribune - Jacques Delors

Berlin, 19 - 20 January 2001 - The vanguard as the engine of European integration

Internation Forum Bertelsmann 2001, "Europe without borders", Berlin, 19-20 January 2001.

31/12/2000 Other events - Jacques Delors

4 September 2000 - European Union, the Minister Council's reform

Seminar organised in Paris in cooperation with the association "Les Amis de l'Europe". Also available in German.

04/09/2000 Seminar - Notre Europe and Jacques Delors
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