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Renaud Dehousse

Renaud Dehousse

Adviser, European integration process.
The Jacques Delors Institute is examining the functioning of EU institutions and ways of improving their legitimacy and effectiveness. Its main research work concerns the optimal political balance within the European institutional trapezium ...
Key points
The Community Method, the EU's "default" operating system
The parliaments of the EU and the governance of the EMU
The Community Method, the EU's "default" operating system
The European Council and the Community Method
Co-decision and ‘early agreements’: an improvement or a subversion of the legislative procedure?
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European Institutions

The Jacques Delors' Institute analyzes the functioning of EU institutions and how to improve their legitimacy and effectiveness. Our main research focuses on the political balance in the optimal institutional triangle (Commission, European Council, the EU Council and European Parliament), the Community method and the impact of the new EU treaties.

Jacques Delors pleads for the "Yes" in Le Monde

In an interview for Le Monde, the former president of the European Commission warns the adversaries of the Constitutional treaty and denounces the politics "without any vision of Jacques Chirac" on Europe.

23/11/2004 Interview - Jacques Delors

A new institutional equilibrium and collective sovereignty

The Constitutional treaty is an important step forward for European integration and presents a number of unquestionable progresses. But this is not a Constitution but a Treaty which stays submitted to a diplomatic revision mode, and the 18 June ...

24/08/2004 Tribune - Conseil d'Administration and Jacques Delors

A new Constitution for Europe - Interview of Jacques Delors on Europe 1

In this interview by Jean-Pierre Elkabbach, Jacques Delors asks for a change of attitude by Governments towards the Union, and for a referendum on the adoption of the constitutional Treaty.

29/06/2004 Programme - Jacques Delors

The European construction, yesterday, today and tomorrow

In a speech given on the 5 January 2004 at the Académie des sciences morales et politiques, Jacques Delors exhorts Europeans to find « favorable conjunction between spirits and events » which lead, in other times, to the "miracles" of the Roma ...

07/01/2004 Tribune - Jacques Delors

The state of the European Union fifty years after the creation of the European Agency

Speech by Jacques Delors for the anniversary of the European press agency.

05/06/2003 Tribune - Jacques Delors

"Perspectives on the Convention's work"Jacques Delors interviewed by the "Agence Europe"

Jacques Delors gave an interview to Agence Europe (bulletin n °8451) on the perspectives on the Convention's work and on the conditions for its results to be a success.

31/03/2003 Interview - Jacques Delors
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