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Yves Bertoncini

Yves Bertoncini

Director of the Jacques Delors Institute
The idea of a “Federation of Nation States”, made known by Jacques Delors, guides the Jacques Delors Institute’s work. Research is focused on analysing the specificities of EU member states, as well as examining political issues such as ...
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Where is Germany Heading?
What is the impact of the EU interventions at the national level?
Karlsruhe's Europe
Federal Leap or Political Unions?
Post-national democracy and the reform of the European Parliament
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Federation of Nation States

The idea of a “Federation of Nation States”, made known by Jacques Delors, guides our work research, which focusses mainly on analysing the specificities and identities of EU member states, as well as examining political issues such as competence sharing between EU and national levels and the modes of European government, including on the basis of differentiation.

The French-German couple, symbol of forgiveness and promises

Jacques Delors is one of the "grands témoins" united in Paris at the Elysée to testify for the openings, but also the difficulties which have 40 years of French-Germain relations.

31/12/2002 Interview - Jacques Delors

Paris, 1st February - The evolution of economic and social cohesionand the future enlargement

French-German meetings, 31st January - 1st February 2002, in Paris.

31/01/2002 Other events - Jacques Delors

Lausanne, 9 November 2001 - Laudatio by Jacques Delors for Helmut Schmidt and Valéry Giscard d'Estaing

Speech by Jacques Delors for the handing in of the Jean Monnet foundation's gold medal to Chancellor Helmut Schmidt and President Valéry Giscard d'Estaing.

09/11/2001 Other events - Jacques Delors

The Belgium Presidency 2001

Belgium shall assume the EU presidency between the 1st of July and the 31st of December 2001. For this particular case, there are two specific details worth bearing in mind: The first is that this presidency takes place during a crucial moment with ...

31/05/2001 Studies and reports - Lieven De Winter and Huri Tursan

United States, 26 mars - 4 avril 2001 - Où va l'Union européenne ?

Conference cycle by Jacques Delors, in the United States (26 mars-4 avril 2001)

28/02/2001 Conference - Jacques Delors

Roma, 8 September 2000 - Dissertation sur les valeurs

Speech by Jacques Delors at the quadrennial conference of the Abbés Bénédictins, S. Anselmo, Roma, 8 September 2000.

31/08/2000 Conference - Jacques Delors
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