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European Union and Citizens

Just as its founding President, the Jacques Delors Institute believes that European construction concerns all citizens, members of civil society and political actors all over Europe. Our work therefore covers quintessential political, institutional and civic issues that structure the functioning of the EU and the European public sphere.

Franco-German alliance 'still special'

The so-called Franco-German relationship can still power Europe but both countries must show more willingness to adapt to a fast-changing world. That was the message from Ulrike Guerot who was speaking at the Brussels launch of a major new study from ...

13/03/2007 Article

The Future of Biofuels and their Impact on Agricultural Markets

Before opening the debate on the reform of the CAP, Notre Europe publishes a collection of "diagnoses" aimed at understanding and anticipating agriculture's operating environment after 2013. In March, Pierre Rainelli focuses on the future of ...

12/03/2007 Policy paper - Pierre Rainelli

Tragic and magnificent Europe: what's at stake in Europe

Neither France nor any country of the EU is in the same situation as 50 years ago as shown in this compilation of Jacques Delors' declarations and thoughts on the occasion of the 10th anniversary of Notre Europe.

07/03/2007 Synthesis - Jacques Delors

Europe's Shortcomings

Altiero Spinelli Lecture : Speech by Tommaso Padoa-Schioppa to the University of Turin, 17 January 2007, organised by Università degli Studi.

07/03/2007 Tribune - Tommaso Padoa-Schioppa

Eurobarometer finds that 87% of Europeans are happy

A recent pan-European opinion poll conducted by Eurobarometer has found Europeans to be very content with their lives. On average 87% of them consider themselves happy - with a peak of 97% in Denmark. The findings are a welcome breath of fresh air ...

28/02/2007 Mentions

Lack of Economic Growth and Unemployment: the cost of non coopération

In pursuit of our goal to take part in debates over the future of Europe, Notre Europe is publishing a series of collaborative studies that reflect our views under the title European Issues. Our aim, however, is to work with academic and research ...

28/02/2007 Studies and reports - Pierre-Alain Muet
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