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European Union and Citizens

Just as its founding President, the Jacques Delors Institute believes that European construction concerns all citizens, members of civil society and political actors all over Europe. Our work therefore covers quintessential political, institutional and civic issues that structure the functioning of the EU and the European public sphere.

The Unity of Europe: a project for the 21st Century

Jacques Delors' speech - "LECCIO MAGISTRALIS" opening the Academic Session 2005-2006, Parma European College, Parma, 5 November 2005

27/12/2006 Tribune - Jacques Delors

Discussion between Jacques Delors and Philippe Herzog

Discussion between Jacques Delors (Founder President of Notre Europe) and Philippe Herzog, (President of Confrontation Europe) on the book "Le bonheur du voyage » Ethique, action, projets pour relancer l'Europe " written by Philippe Herzog

27/12/2006 Interview - Jacques Delors

Aix la Chapelle, 25 May 2006 - Jean-Claude Juncker receives the Price Charlemagne

Jean-Claude Juncker, First Minister of Luxembourg receives the Price Charlemagne 2006 on 25 May.

27/12/2006 Tribune - Jacques Delors

2007: A European Turning Point?

The German government has repeatedly said that not too much should be expected from its six-month presidency of the Council of the Union. Yet 2007 could be a turning point, if the institutions and member states demonstrated sufficient political ...

20/12/2006 Tribune

Germany and Europe: New Deal or Déjà Vu?

For decades, Germany has been a leading nation in Europe. Growing in stature and, at the same time, sacrificing some of its own interests for the European Union, Germany has guaranteed its fundamental interest: a peaceful co-existence with its ...

13/12/2006 Studies and reports - Ulrike Guérot

The United Nations Convention on Migrant's rights, a luxury for the European Union?

Everywhere in Europe, the concept of "integration" of migrants is used in an increasingly restrictive sense. France, The Netherlands, Germany, Belgium, Greece and many other EU member states interpret it an exclusive rather than inclusive fashion. ...

06/12/2006 Policy paper - Stephen Boucher, Manlio Cinalli and Marie Barral
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