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Yves Pascouau

Yves Pascouau

Associate senior research fellow at the Jacques Delors Institute and director at the European Policy Centre
Key points
A jobseeker’s visa for third-country nationals
"The refugee crisis: A European call for action" the declaration of Vision Europe consortium published in Policy Review
What migration strategy for the EU?
The EU’s migrant strategy: a welcome new impetus
Border control and the right of asylum: where is the EU heading?
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Key events
Vaux-de-Cernay, 8-9 July - Resolving the refugee crisis / Fighting the terrorist threat
Beirut, 23 March 2016 - Refugee crisis : Europe and its Other
Valletta, 23 September 2015 - EASO and the future of the Common European Asylum System
Paris, 11 May 2016 - European migration policy starts outside the EU
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Migration policy

Since the Treaty of Amsterdam, which made the EU a player in migration policies, it has rolled out sustained legislative and operational actions on border management, short-term visa policy, asylum and immigration. While the crisis situations oblige the EU to find common responses to an unprecedented humanitarian challenge, the Jacques Delors Institute is paying special attention to the divisions between Member States and the areas of convergence that could help them to overcome these divisions.

Border control and the right of asylum: where is the EU heading?

This Policy paper by Corinne Balleix presents a state of play of EU's initiatives in the fields of border control and right of asylum, an assessment of solidarity mecanisms between member states and recommendations for the post-Stockholm programme.

19/06/2014 Policy paper - Corinne Balleix

Engaging Europe in the world

The manifesto signed by J. Delors, A.Vitorino, P. Lamy and the Task Force of NE-JDI calls on the European political authorities who take office this summer, to commit to a strategic rebound in the EU external action.

18/06/2014 Tribune - Jacques Delors, Pascal Lamy, António Vitorino, Eneko Landaburu, Elisabeth Guigou, Etienne Davignon, Nicole Gnesotto, Philippe De Schoutheete, Elvire Fabry and Sami Andoura

London, 14 November 2013 - Migration in the cities and regions

Our president, Antonio Vitorino, will be the chair of a session at the Eleventh plenary meeting of the Transatlantic Council on Migration in the cities and regions: Reaping Migration’s Local Dividends.

06/11/2013 Conference - António Vitorino

A time-lag problem, or even a lack of consistency

António Vitorino takes a stand on the main issues of the European council of the 24th and 25th of October 2013, in an interview covering the ways to boost EU growth, the single market deepening, the banking union, the social dimension of the EMU and ...

21/10/2013 Interview - António Vitorino

Antonio Vitorino and Pascal Lamy quoted in Le Monde about the immigration in Europe

Antonio Vitorino, our president and Pascal Lamy, our honorary president, are quoted by Le Monde in an article entitled "Lampedusa, hostage of the populists" dealing with the immigration in Europe.

17/10/2013 Mentions - António Vitorino and Pascal Lamy

Jacques Delors on RFI "There's no miracle solution for immigration to the EU"

Jacques Delors gave an interview to the International French Radio RFI about the immigration to the EU, on Friday 11 October 2013, in which he calls for an increase of the financing granted to the European agency Frontex.

15/10/2013 Programme - Jacques Delors
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