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Elvire Fabry

Elvire Fabry

Senior Research Fellow. EU External Action. Trade
Thomas  Pellerin-Carlin

Thomas Pellerin-Carlin

Research Fellow, European Energy and Defense Policy
Key points
Europe Facing the Challenge of Its Defence: Between Realism and Responsibility
France and Germany: Spearheading a European Security and Defence Union?
The EU as a 3-D Power: Should Europe Spend More on Diplomacy, Development and Defence?
The EU and our collective security: stronger together!
EU security: a matter of political urgency
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Defense and Security

In order to avoid the risk of a strategic downgrade raised by the erosion of their military capacities, Europeans must undertake to work together more and to clarify the role of the armed forces outside the EU. Ensuring the EU’s security has become a major political challenge to which Member States cannot respond with unilateral measures, especially as the line between external and internal threats becomes blurred.
The Jacques Delors Institute strives to promote a compelling European vision that will more proactively build up a responsible and effective collective security system.

A European Defence Union: In the name of the people?

We need a European Security and Defence Union – and it is what our citizens want. This narrative has accompanied recent Franco-German and European efforts to foster closer cooperation on security and defence. But what do French and German citizens ...

14/12/2017 Policy paper - Nicole Koenig

EU trade data flows are becoming the new GMOs - Pascal Lamy in Financial Times

"EU trade data flows are becoming the new GMOs". The British newspaper Financial Times quotes Pascal Lamy, emeritus president of the Jacques Delors Institute.

04/12/2017 Mentions - Pascal Lamy

European Integration via Flexibility Tools: The Cases of EPPO and PESCO

This Policy Paper assesses how the two main flexibility tools of the Lisbon Treaty, Enhanced Cooperation and Permanent Structured Cooperation (PESCO), have recently been used for the cases of the European Public Prosecutor’s Office (EPPO) and ...

29/11/2017 Policy paper - Valentin Kreilinger and Laura Maria Wolfstädter

Security and justice : the role of Europe - Thomas Pellerin-Carlin in La Voix Du Nord

An article about Europe's role in security and justice entitled "Sécurité et justice : une conférence pour tout comprendre du rôle de l’Europe" in the French newspaper La Voix Du Nord mentions Thomas Pellerin-Carlin, research at the Jacques ...

20/11/2017 Mentions - Thomas Pellerin-Carlin

The Defence Europe project - Thomas Pellerin-Carlin in Les Echos

An article about the defence Europe project entitled "L'Europe de la défense : un chantier miné" in the French newspaper Les Echos interviews Thomas Pellerin-Carlin, Research at the Jacques Delors Institute.

14/11/2017 Interview - Thomas Pellerin-Carlin

Strengthening European Defence: who sits at the PESCO table, what’s on the menu?

The military capacity of European states is plagued by 20 years of under-investment, fragmentation and national short-sightedness. While previous attempts at launching Permanent Structured Cooperation (PESCO) failed, a deal is now within reach: ...

13/11/2017 Tribune - Elvire Fabry, Nicole Koenig and Thomas Pellerin-Carlin
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