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Themes of our work

The Board of directors of the Jacques Delors Institute adopts a work programme each year. It identifies the principal European issues which will be the subject of analyses and propositions over the trimesters to come. 

The programme details the activities of Notre Europe-Jacques Delors Institute for each of its three axes of work. Entitled “The European Union in the face of crisis”, the 2012 working programme identified the following themes:

“European Union and its citizens”: The Jacques Delors Institute’s work in 2012 is focused on four important themes relating to politics, institutions and the citize:

· New treaty(ies), new Union?

· European Democracy

· European Identities

· Mobility, Free Movement and the “Schengen” Area

“Competition, cooperation, solidarity”: The current economic and social crisis affecting Europe has led the Jacques Delors Instituteto concentrate its attention on four debates which are fundamental to the future of European cooperation:

· “A Test for European Solidarity”

· The Euro, economic governance and the financial system

· The Single Market, 20 years on

· “How to spend better together” – The European Financial Framework Post-2013

“European external action”: Recent geopolitical developments have led the Jacques Delors Institute to further its research on the European Union’s global integration, with a focus on three main themes:

· “Think Global - Act European”

· The EU and Its Neighbours

· Energy Security

A work program outlines, each year, on which topics the Jacques Delors Institute will dedicate the core of its activities. The implementation of this work program gives rise to a balance sheet in the form of an Annual Report.

Enrico Letta on Le Taurillon about his book "contre vents et marées"

The New Federalist, webzine of the Young European Federalist publishes on their French version, Le Taurillon, about the book of Enrico Letta, our President in an article entitled "Enrico Letta « Contre vents et marées »", on May 26th, 2017.

26/05/2017 Interview - Enrico Letta

Our Work Programme

The Jacques Delors Institute extends its existing work programme through 2017 focusing on themes relating to the European decision-making timetable which are currently the issue of ongoing or emerging debates.

17/02/2017 Note
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