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Inés Ferrand-Perez

Inés Ferrand-Perez

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The Jacques Delors Institute  produces four types of publications. Our "Tribunes" express a concise opinion on an issue of current debate. Our "Policy Papers" put in perspective a European policy question on the basis of analyses and recommendations. Our "Studies & Reports" aim at provide reference analysis and proposals on European main topics. Our "Syntheses" condense positions expressed in our events or in recent books. Our videos and podcasts give the floor to speakers to our events and experts.

Construction of a Common Ground for Social and Political Consensus on Migration

Over the last decade and more particularly the last couple of months, the EU has faced the development of increasing conflicts on migration related issues. The situation has raised such a level of struggles that bringing back equilibrium in such a ...

23/11/2016 Policy paper - Yves Pascouau

France and Germany in the refugee crisis: united in diversity?

This Synthesis by Nicole Koenig, Research Fellow at the Jacques Delors Institut-Berlin, presents the main analyses and guidelines resulting from the round table on EU migration policy, within the Think Tanks Tandem initiative, on 8-9 July 2016.

17/11/2016 Synthesis - Nicole Koenig

Does the Eurozone need a Parliament?

The proposal to establish a “Parliament of the Eurozone” has re-emerged in the debate on deepening the Economic and Monetary Union (EMU), particularly in France. In this context, we look beyond the institutional innovation at what might be the ...

15/11/2016 Policy paper - Valentin Kreilinger and Morgan Larhant

Stopping CETA and TTIP will not stop globalisation

Beyond the debate raised by CETA, and now by the victory of Donald Trump, a critic of free trade agreements, Elvire Fabry, calls a better anticipation of the new changes in the globalisation process.

15/11/2016 Tribune - Elvire Fabry

For an ambitious Europe

This Tribune transposes the speech delivered by Jean-Claude Juncker during the debate with Manuel Valls at the CNAM in Paris on 7 October 2016, organised at the occasion of the 20th anniversary of the creation of the Jacques Delors Institute.

08/11/2016 Tribune - Jean-Claude Juncker

Building the future of the EU: our generation’s duty

This Tribune transposes the speech delivered by Manuel Valls during the debate with Jean-Claude Juncker at the CNAM in Paris on 7 October 2016, organised at the occasion of the 20th anniversary of the creation of the Jacques Delors Institute.

07/11/2016 Tribune - Manuel Valls
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