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The Jacques Delors Institute  produces four types of publications. Our "Tribunes" express a concise opinion on an issue of current debate. Our "Policy Papers" put in perspective a European policy question on the basis of analyses and recommendations. Our "Studies & Reports" aim at provide reference analysis and proposals on European main topics. Our "Syntheses" condense positions expressed in our events or in recent books. Our videos and podcasts give the floor to speakers to our events and experts.

European social dialogue

The European economic and social committee celebrated the 20th anniversary of the European social dialogue - relaunched on the 12th January 1995 - on Thursday 14 April 2005. Find here two interventions given by Jacques Delors for the occasion.

04/05/2005 Tribune - Jacques Delors

Securing a "Yes": from Nice I to Nice II

Several Irish citizens and experts explain why they campaigned actively for the ratification of the Treaty of Nice at the occasion of the second referendum on this issue.

25/04/2005 Policy paper - Adrian Langan and Brigid Laffan

Ratification and Revision of the Consitutional Treaty

This study put in view the present debate on the ratification and the revision ; and draws the fist ideas for a prospect reflection on the evolution of these proceedings. Only available in French.

13/04/2005 Studies and reports - Henri Oberdorff

"The Constitution, a step forward for the European Union" intervention by Jacques Delors

Mouvement Européen France, Paris, 9 April 2005, Intervention by Jacques Delors. The former President of the European Commission comes back on the challenges already taken up by the EU, and on the importance of lui giving it the means for exercising ...

13/04/2005 Tribune - Jacques Delors

The Lisbon strategy and the open method of co-ordination: 12 recommendations for an effective multi-level strategy

This Policy Paper aims at providing a critical evaluation of the Lisbon Strategy and provides a total of 12 recommendations to enhance its effectiveness.

28/02/2005 Policy paper - Marjorie Jouen, Renaud Dehousse, Philippe Pochet, Stefan Collignon, Rolf-Ulrich Sprenger, Robert Salais, Jean Gabolde and Hugo de Sousa

Global Governance: lessons from Europe

Pascal Lamy delivered a key note speech at the United Nations -Economic Commission for Europe (Conference Gunnar Myrdal, Geneva, February 22th, 2005) on the theme of "Global governance : lessons from Europe"

28/02/2005 Conference - Pascal Lamy
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