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The Jacques Delors Institute  produces four types of publications. Our "Tribunes" express a concise opinion on an issue of current debate. Our "Policy Papers" put in perspective a European policy question on the basis of analyses and recommendations. Our "Studies & Reports" aim at provide reference analysis and proposals on European main topics. Our "Syntheses" condense positions expressed in our events or in recent books. Our videos and podcasts give the floor to speakers to our events and experts.

Europe and the crisis of democracy, elections in Europe: 1999 - 2002

Proceedings of the seminar organised by Notre Europe,Sciences Po, (Paris) and the European University Institute (Florence) Paris, October 11, 2002

11/10/2002 Synthesis - Notre Europe

The European Security Conundrum: Prospects for ESDP after September 11, 2001

Since December 1998, the debates about the future configuration of security and defence arrangements for the old continent have produced more progress towards a European Security and Defence Policy (ESDP) than in the previous fifty years. That ...

28/02/2002 Policy paper - Jolyon Howorth

Enlargement of the European Union: Towards a large area of solidarity and cooperation

Warsaw February 21-22th, 2002. Seminar organized by Notre Europe and the Lucchini Foundation (Brescia).

22/02/2002 Synthesis - Notre Europe

The Belgium Presidency 2001

Belgium shall assume the EU presidency between the 1st of July and the 31st of December 2001. For this particular case, there are two specific details worth bearing in mind: The first is that this presidency takes place during a crucial moment with ...

31/05/2001 Studies and reports - Lieven De Winter and Huri Tursan

The European debate in France at the start of the French presidency

Notre Europe is accustomed to publishing, at the start of each European Union presidency, an overview of the debate on Europe in the country assuming that responsibility. This European tour of collective representations of our common "unidentified ...

30/06/2000 Studies and reports - Jean-Louis Arnaud and Jacques Delors

Forgiveness and Promises. Robert Schuman's inheritance

Speech by Jacques Delors for the 50th anniversary of the Schuman's declaration, Luxembourg, 9 May 2000.

30/04/2000 Tribune - Jacques Delors
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