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The Jacques Delors Institute  produces four types of publications. Our "Tribunes" express a concise opinion on an issue of current debate. Our "Policy Papers" put in perspective a European policy question on the basis of analyses and recommendations. Our "Studies & Reports" aim at provide reference analysis and proposals on European main topics. Our "Syntheses" condense positions expressed in our events or in recent books. Our videos and podcasts give the floor to speakers to our events and experts.

The Vision of Europe in the New Member States

Notre Europe asked different personalities of new Member States to give their Vision of Europe in 2020. Only available in French.

06/06/2006 Studies and reports - Paul Damm, Morgan Larhant and Gaëtane Ricard-Nihoul

Jean-Claude Juncker receives the Charlemagne prize

On the 25 May, Jean-Claude Juncker - Luxembourg Prime minister - received the Charlemagne Prize 2006. On that occasion, Jacques Delors paid tribute to his positive role on the European stage.

22/05/2006 Tribune - Jacques Delors

Forgiveness and a promise - advocating a more regional approach to the Balkans by the EU

Ten years after Dayton, six years after NATO intervened to put an end to the violence in Kosovo, the wars of Yugoslav succession finally seem to be over, but the Yugoslav succession itself is still in a sense open. In May there will be a referendum ...

04/05/2006 Policy paper - Tamara Buschek, Fabien Dupuis and Bertrand de Largentaye

Reductionist approach

Simon Hix’s contribution to the debate on the politicisation of the European Union rests on a distinction between constitutive politics and management policies (which the author describes as isomorphic issues). His policy paper comes down to the ...

13/04/2006 - Jean-Louis Quermonne

Politicising the Union ? Indeed, but how ?

Simon Hix’s determination and steadfastness deserve our admiration. For close on ten years now, he has sustained, contrary to accepted thinking, his demonstration that the European Union is not as unique as is claimed and that the democratic ...

10/04/2006 Tribune - Paul Magnette

Doubts about the principle, instruments and their application

Hix met en avant deux arguments majeurs en défense d'une introduction de la "politique" au sens de débat droite- gauche au sein des institutions européennes : une confrontation idéologique avec gagnants et perdants stimulerait l'intérêt du ...

06/04/2006 - Philippe De Schoutheete
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