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Elvire Fabry

Elvire Fabry

Senior Research Fellow. EU External Action. Trade
Key points
Protecting without Protectionism?
Trump Trade: More Bark than Bite?
Stopping CETA and TTIP will not stop globalisation
Fear of TTIP, globalisation, or a middle class downgrade?
TTIP and German opinion's legitimate fears
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Trade policy

The Jacques Delors Institute deciphers the functioning and priorities of the EU’s trade policy, which must allow it to retain its ranking as the leading trade power in the world and to further leverage the strategic potential of this policy in its other external action areas.
While Europeans strive to retain their trade position against the rise of China and new economic powers, the EU’s trade policy is proving to be all the more important for Member States’ competitiveness as, in the future, 90% of demand growth will come from outside the EU. In addition, the stalemate in multilateral negotiations is not curbing Europeans’ ambition to achieve more effective regulation of globalisation.

Pascal Lamy's Acceptance Speech at the "Global Economy Prize", Kiehl Institute, 20 June 2010

The 2010 Global Economy Prize is to be awarded to Pascal Lamy, director general of the World Trade Organization by The Kiel Institute, 20th June 2010

21/06/2010 Tribune - Pascal Lamy

Sami Andoura guest of the show Allo Bruxelles" on RFI on the Euro-Americains Relations

Sami Andoura was invited to the show "Allo Bruxelles" of 26 March, 2010 to submit a report on the Euro-American Relations which he is one of the coordinators.

01/04/2010 Programme - Sami Andoura

"The report on on the new Euro-US partnership raises a number of key questions for the European Union", European Union Press Agency

Article by Ferdinando Riccardi published in Bulletin Quotidien Europe on 18 mars 2010.

18/03/2010 Mentions - Jacques Delors

The Ghost of Bancor : The Economic Crisis and Global Monetary Disorder - Speech of Tommaso Padoa-Schioppa

Speech at the Conference in Louvain-La-Neuve on 25 February 2010. "The deep causes of this crisis include the dollar policy and, in a broader sense, the monetary regime that has been in force in the world for almost 40 years."

18/03/2010 Tribune - Tommaso Padoa-Schioppa

EU/US Task Force Report - Speech of EP President Jerzy Buzek

Speech of EP President Jerzy Buzek launching the Notre-Europe EU-US task force report "Reshaping EU-US Relations"

17/03/2010 Tribune - Jerzy Buzek

Transatlantic Policy Forum

Six European and American think tanks initiated a Transatlantic Forum in 2007, assembling about thirty researchers and high-level experts to propose paths to a new partnership between the European Union and the United States.

16/03/2010 Report - Nadège Chambon
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