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Elvire Fabry

Elvire Fabry

Senior Research Fellow. EU External Action. Trade
Key points
EU - Russia: beyond rivalries?
Taking the European Neighbourhood Policy beyond the conception-performance gap
EU security: a matter of political urgency
Supporting Ukraine’s difficult path towards reforms
What borders for the EU: a variable geometry neighborhood?
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EU and Neighbours

The EU’s security and international credibility depend very heavily on the way it contributes to and succeeds in stabilising its neighbouring countries and to create scope for opportunities. In addition to its work on widening the EU, the Jacques Delors Institute is pursuing its research into a neighbourhood policy that varies from country to country, analysing the means to achieve harmonious interdependence and active cooperation with our closest and more distant neighbours.

Direct investement in new Central and Oriental Europe's member

On the 16 April 2003, the Treaty by which the EU will enlarge to 10 members has just been signed in Athens and now has to be ratified in the 25 countries. A priviledged moment to wonder about the foreseeable consequences prévisibles of this status ...

30/04/2003 Studies and reports - Bérénice Picciotto and Jacques Delors

Jacques Delors in La Vie: "The Union could inspire the world organisation"

Jacques Delors in La Vie: "The Union could inspire the world organisation"

28/02/2003 Interview - Jacques Delors

Jacques Delors in Futuribles "An ambitious vision for the Great Europe"

In this article for Futuribles, Jacques Delors first recalls the three finalities of the Great Europe before stressing that we notably need a functionnal projetc, which dmands to overcome the obstacle of the number, and to modernize the "Community ...

31/12/2002 Article - Jacques Delors

Enlargement of the European Union: Towards a large area of solidarity and cooperation

Warsaw February 21-22th, 2002. Seminar organized by Notre Europe and the Lucchini Foundation (Brescia).

22/02/2002 Synthesis - Notre Europe

Warsaw, 21 & 22 February - Enlargement of the European Union: Towards a new space of solidarity and cooperation

Notre Europe organised a seminar on the 21 and 22 February 2002 in Warsaw in cooperation with the Lucchini foundation (Brescia).

22/02/2002 Seminar - Notre Europe and Jacques Delors

Brussels, 28 november 2000 - Reunifying Europe

Seminar organised in Brussels in cooperation with the Lucchini foundation (Brescia).Also available in Italian.

28/11/2000 Seminar - Notre Europe and Jacques Delors
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