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Elvire Fabry

Elvire Fabry

Senior Research Fellow. EU External Action. Trade
16 European think tanks present their recommendations on a global strategy for the EU's External Action.
Key points
European identity in the context of globalisation
EU security: a matter of political urgency
Engaging Europe in the world
Think Global - Act European IV - Thinking Strategically about the EU's External Action
Engaging with middle and global players
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Think Global Act European

The Jacques Delors Institute analyses the major changes in the international arena and the challenges they bring in terms of regional integration, for Europe and for other regions of the world, and also in terms of global governance. Its Think Global - Act European (TGAE) project brings together a sweeping network of European think tanks and contributes to drafting recommendations with a view to both strengthening the external aspect of the EU’s internal policies and to improving the integration of its external action instruments.


Europe, a Civil Power by Tommaso Padoa-Schioppa

Reading Note, Collection of conferences pronounced between 1998 and 2001. Only in FrenchA l'heure de la réélection du président Bush et du débat sur la ratification du projet de traité constitutionnel, il n'est pas inutile de réfléchir au sens ...

03/01/2007 Synthesis - Bertrand de Largentaye and Tommaso Padoa-Schioppa

Annual Meeting of the United Nations: a Missed Appointment

2005 marque le soixantième anniversaire de l'organisation. La réunion annuelle de septembre était particulièrement attendue. Elle devait notamment être l'occasionde décider des moyens pour atteindre les huit objectifs de développement du ...

03/01/2007 Tribune - Bertrand de Largentaye

Agriculture: stake of Develoment?

The progress achieved, particularly in agriculture, at the ministerial meeting of the World Trade Organization (WTO) in Hong Kong in December 2005, could have been expected that negotiations was now going engage on all issues of cycle multilateral ...

29/12/2006 Tribune - Pierre Lepetit

Between world and nation: reconnecting with the urge for regional integration

Regional integration, as in the wall behind which to take cover from globalisation's evils whilst reaping the benefits? Or the latter's Trojan Horse? Either way, there is no denying the fact that in europe, it is in the doldrums. Elsewhere, it enjoys ...

27/11/2006 Tribune

Regional Economic Integration in South America

Regional integration in South America has had a rough ride over the last forty years. Structures for the purposes, be it the Andean community (CAN), MERCOSUR or even the South American Community of Nations born in December 2004, are in place yet ...

22/11/2006 Studies and reports - Alvaro Artigas

Europe and Global Issues

Presentation by Jacques Delors to the Word Bank, in the framework of series of conferences in USA (26 March-4 April 2001).

07/11/2006 Tribune - Jacques Delors
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