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Thomas  Pellerin-Carlin

Thomas Pellerin-Carlin

Research Fellow, European Energy and Defense Policy
Jean-Arnold Vinois

Jean-Arnold Vinois

Adviser. European Energy Policy.
Key points
From distraction to action - towards a bold Energy Union Innovation Strategy
Energy Union – 1 year on
Our report "Investment in Europe: Making the best of the Juncker Plan" in Contexte
Jean-Arnold Vinois and Thomas Pellerin-Carlin in Natural Gas Europe about Nord Stream-2
From the European Energy Community to the Energy Union
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Energy Union

The Jacques Delors Institute pursues its action for the development of an ambitious European Energy Union based on the proposal for an "European Energy Community" put forward by Jacques Delors in 2010. Read more...

Response to the Policy Paper 34 "Clinton, Obama, McCain: Europe's Best Hope for Fighting Climate Change"

Stephen Boucher describes that the upcoming elections in the US provide a unique opportunity for Europe and the US to initiate the formulation of an effective global climate policy as well as the optimal design of instruments needed to reach urgent ...

24/04/2008 Mentions - Bob Van der Zwaan

U.S. Climate Policy and the European Response: A way forward - Response to the Policy Paper 34 "Clinton, Obama, McCain: Europe's Best Hope for Fighting Climate Change"

Stephen Boucher has written a very interesting paper that does a fine job of outlining the approaches of the three leading U.S. presidential candidates to climate change issues and suggesting an appropriate EU response.

23/04/2008 Tribune - Jeremy Carl

McCain, Clinton or Obama: which kind of new deal for Europe ?

What does the next president of the United States have in store for the European Union? Expectations are high; the same goes for the risk of disappointment, as many analysts point out. The foreign policy of the world's number-one power is not steered ...

17/04/2008 Policy paper

Clinton, Obama, McCain - Europe's Best Hope for Fighting Climate Change

With Barack Obama, John McCain or Hillary Clinton becoming President of the United States, there is hope that the USA could adopt legislation to fight global warming in 2009. All three have backed legislative proposals.

04/04/2008 Policy paper - Stephen Boucher

Resolve on energy: Proposals of the European Commission, 23 January 2008

The European Commission today publishes a proposed directive to promote renewable energy, with the aim of reaching the objective of 20% of energy consumption by 2020. The Commission deserves praise for helping with the circulation of green energy ...


Stephen Boucher in European Voice: Emissions trading - if it's broke, fix it, don't ditch it

A year on, the EU emissions trading scheme (ETS) is running into teething problems. Prices have fallen abruptly from more than ‚¬30 per tonne of carbon dioxide (CO2) to less than ‚¬10. Business complains that the scheme harms the ...

13/12/2007 Article - Stephen Boucher
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