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Jacques Delors

Jacques Delors

Jacques Delors was President of the Economic Monetary Affairs Committee of the European Parliament ...
Pascal Lamy

Pascal Lamy

Pascal Lamy, aged 63, holds an MBA from HEC, and also studied at Sciences Po, and ENA. He began his ...
Tommaso Padoa-Schioppa

Tommaso Padoa-Schioppa

Tommaso Padoa-Schioppa has died on 18th December 2010 in Rome. He was 70 years old. He was ...
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European Union and Citizens

Paris, 18 November 2006 - Our Europe Tomorrow

On the occassion of its 10th anniversary,Notre Europeorganises a seminar looking back to past 50 years of European integration, and on how to rekindle the EU spirit for future.

With the participation of Guy Verhofstadt, Tommaso Padoa-Schioppa, Jacques Santer, Wim Kok, Nicole Notat, Pascal Lamy, Etienne Davignon, Josep Borrell, and Jacques Delors.

Date: 18 November 2006
Venue: Sénat, Palais du Luxembourg, 15 rue de Vaugirard, Paris 75006, France
Partners: Le Nouvel Observateur andChallenges

Download the programme

"The EU must reassert the trade-off or else we must stand ready to fall back behind the borders of the Nation- State", Pascal Lamy warned as he closed the "Notre Europe tomorrow" symposium organised on 18 November at the French Senate House in partnership with Le Nouvel Observateur-Challenges.

Arguing that the latter option is neither possible nor desirable, Pascal Lamy, Director- General of the World Trade Organisation (WTO) and Honorary President of Notre Europe proposed: "The European project is still relevant but is hampered by a definition issue, between two visions. On the one hand, the vision of a Europe seeking to protect herself from globalisation, on the other, a European construction adjusted to globalisation thus (intending) more regulation". With this, he brought to a close the debate that had gathered at the Senat European figures from the political, economic and trade-union stage, there to ponder the future of the European Union.

"A trade-off is feasible, and essential if we are to matter, for globalisation is neither to be stopped nor to be taken lying down," Pascal Lamy went on. "It is to be taken in hand so that its benefits can be had and its faults corrected. This is not just an internal debate: the rest of the world is watching us. If Europe says "protection", it is a signal for developing countries. This issue must be debated and a compromise reached. The points on which we are in agreement must be identified, as well as the countries in agreement to mark out a zone."

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