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Jacques Delors was President of the Economic Monetary Affairs Committee of the European Parliament ...
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European Union and Citizens

The Face of Europe

on August 30, 2006, 16:31
Article - Jacques Delors
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This Constitutional Treaty would not have been possible ten or twenty years ago. For the first time, a shared political project is taking shape in which economic considerations are no longer paramount; instead, it speaks in clear and simple terms of the Union's values, of the goals of the enlarged Europe and of fundamental rights. What is taking shape is the face of Europe, its identity card, which any citizen can carry with him in his luggage to tell the world what the European project is. It is an anchor for European democracy and for the EU's dual legitimacy - derived from both states and citizens - with the European Parliament strengthened and social and civil dialogue more explicitly acknowledged. It is a legal basis for services of general interest. It makes flexible provision for the use of enhanced cooperation. It affirms the European model of the social market economy, by which the EU, in its dealings with the rest of the world, promotes the sustainable development of the planet, free and fair trade and the eradication of poverty. The words are unambiguous and all that is needed for them to take flesh is the political will.

All the things that the Single Act had set in motion in social matters, both as regards dialogue and collective agreements and as regards territorial cohesion, are still possible. The strengthening of the Eurogroup means that, more than ever, we have it within our capacity to restore the balance of the Economic and Monetary Union. Combating the idea that nations must compete against each other, particularly in fiscal matters, is a matter of urgency, and impossible without the Constitutional Treaty and the more vigorous exercise of European democracy. In adopting this Treaty, we must say "yes" while remaining vigilant, having said that "yes", we must follow it up with European solidarity and the seeking-out of alliances that will enable us to move on down the road of political and social integration. Those who speak of a salutary "no" fail to recognise that the European project owes its soul to mutual respect and understanding between nations; to speak as they do is to flee the battlefield and lose our capacity to realise the political and social conquests of tomorrow.

Read the interview of Jacques Delors in the french newspaper Le Monde: Jacques Delors' plea for "yes"

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