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Nadège Chambon

Nadège Chambon

Coming from the Ardèche region in France, Nadège is graduated from the Institut d'Etudes ...
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European Union and Citizens

Europe: a heritage, what responsabilities? Synthesis of the Third Europa Forum

on December 1, 2010, 16:07
Synthesis - Nadège Chambon

Summary of the Third Europe Forum hold in Strasbourg, on April 17th, 20100.

Today Europe is at the crossroads. Profound changes are taking place in the world. An unprecedented economic and financial crisis has compounded growing problems relating to the Environment,, food supply and demographics. What is at stake is nothing less than our capacity to act in the worid. As europeans, it is our responsability to think towards a shared future

How will we deal with the legacy left to us by the hounding fathers of Europe - Schuman, Monnet, Adenauer, De Gasperi, Spaak? Do we want to continue to be promoters of a "better world", to quote Jean Monnet.

The aims of the Europe Forum, a major event bringing together Europe's civil society,is to help provide solutions to these issues. It is a day of debate, but above all it is the manifestation of a citizens' movement, resulting in turn form a year's work on themes, organisation and mobilisation. The outcome of this process brings about a shared ambition: that a desire to further the public inerest of all Europeans...

This sumary is also available in German.

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