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Thomas Pellerin-Carlin

Thomas Pellerin-Carlin

Research Fellow, European Energy Policy. Graduate of the College of Europe’s Master in European ...
Pierre Serkine

Pierre Serkine

Pierre Serkine joined KIC InnoEnergy in 2014 where he is now End-User Architect, acting as executive ...
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The energy transition through crowd-based innovation: a challenge for the EU

on September 13, 2016, 16:48
Tribune - Thomas Pellerin-Carlin and Pierre Serkine

With its Energy Union Research Innovation and Competitiveness Strategy (EURICS), the EU can kill three birds with one innovative stone: to boost its competitiveness, Europe should become the global provider of low-carbon solutions, an objective best achieved democratically - with citizens at the centre and in the driving seat of Innovation.
To do this, this Tribune by Thomas Pellerin-Carlin, research fellow at the Jacques Delors Institute and Pierre Serkine, End-User Architect at KIC InnoEnergy, argues that:
  • Europe needs a renewed approach to competitiveness and put innovation at its core.
  • Innovation policy is more legitimate when it is democratic. The EU should therefore create a citizen-based instrument to steer European energy innovation.
  • To the benefit of both competitiveness and democracy, the EU should propel a crowd-based digital platform where innovators and citizens can co-create innovations that are democratically selected, and crowd-financed by citizens, business angels, local communities and the EU. On this platform, EU budget allocation would be very simple: where an EU citizen invests one euro, the EU invests one euro. Supported projects can then become a start-up or an intrapreneurship project.
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