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Enrico Letta Appointed President of the Jacques Delors Institute
5/07/2016 - nconti
New European report calls for the protection of film diversity
20/11/2014 - sbaz
The European Initiative Prize 2014 awarded to Y. Bertoncini & T. Chopin
27/06/2014 - lmarnas
The European Union, its legislations and its powers
20/05/2014 - lmarnas
Faces on divides: the May 2014 European elections
25/04/2014 - lmarnas
Press reviews
Jacques Delors in the media in 2015
13/05/2016 - nconti
Yves Bertoncini in the media in 2015
31/03/2016 - nconti
The Jacques Delors Institute in the media in 2015
31/03/2016 - nconti
The declaration of the Jacques Delors Institute's 2014 European Steering Committee in the media
19/02/2015 - sbaz
Yves Bertoncini in the media in 2014
6/02/2015 - sbaz
Mikko  Kosonen

Mikko Kosonen

Mikko Kosonen has worked as President of Sitra since 2008. The Finnish Innovation Fund Sitra is a ...
Aart De Geus

Aart De Geus

Chairman and Chief Executive Officer, Bertelsmann Stiftung
Piero Gastaldo

Piero Gastaldo

Secretary General, Compagnia di San Paolo
Yves Bertoncini

Yves Bertoncini

Yves Bertoncini has been Director of the Jacques Delors Institute since April 2011. He assists the ...
Artur   Santos Silva

Artur Santos Silva

President, Fundação Calouste Gulbenkian
Guntram  Wolff

Guntram Wolff

Guntram Wolff has been the Director of Bruegel since June 2013. His research focuses on the ...
Robin Niblett

Robin Niblett

Robin Niblett became the director of Chatham House in January 2007. Before joining Chatham House, ...
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"The refugee crisis: A European call for action" the declaration of Vision Europe consortium published in Policy Review

on March 21, 2016, 14:45
Tribune - Mikko Kosonen, Aart De Geus, Piero Gastaldo, Yves Bertoncini, Artur Santos Silva, Guntram Wolff and Robin Niblett
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The declaration of Vision Europe consortium "The refugee crisis: A European call for action" is published inPolicy Review, on March 21, 2016.
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