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Jacques Delors was President of the Economic Monetary Affairs Committee of the European Parliament ...
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"The report on on the new Euro-US partnership raises a number of key questions for the European Union", European Union Press Agency

on March 18, 2010, 11:53
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Article by Ferdinando Riccardi published in Bulletin Quotidien Europe on 18 mars 2010.

When a document results from a common reflection that brought together Jacques Delors, Etienne Davignon, Romano Prodi, Joschka Fischer, Jerzy Buzek, Guy Verhofstadt, Tommaso Padoa-Schioppa and Paavo Lipponen, with the task of editing the draft being given to Nicole Gnesotto, we know immediately that it is worthy of our attention. If the subject involves a new approach towards EU-US relations, then the attention we pay such a subject is doubly important. This document is the result of an initiative launched by Notre Europe and was presented and summarised in yesterday's publication. Obviously, it includes a certain number of observations regarding globalisation, the emergence of new powers, the necessity of European unity etc,. and, above all, it provides additional information, which requires both our attention and our commentary.

Full text only in French.

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