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Jacques Delors

Jacques Delors

Jacques Delors was President of the Economic Monetary Affairs Committee of the European Parliament ...
Pascal Lamy

Pascal Lamy

Pascal Lamy, aged 63, holds an MBA from HEC, and also studied at Sciences Po, and ENA. He began his ...
António Vitorino

António Vitorino

António Vitorino, born in 1957 in Lisbon, holds a degree in law from the University of Lisbon and ...
Yves Bertoncini

Yves Bertoncini

Yves Bertoncini has been Director of the Jacques Delors Institute (2012-2017). He assists the ...
 European Steering Committee

European Steering Committee

The Jacques Delors Institute European Steering Committee regularly brings together high-profile ...
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The EU needs a fresh boost... Fast!

on February 5, 2015, 09:00
Tribune - Jacques Delors, Pascal Lamy, António Vitorino, Yves Bertoncini and European Steering Committee

The European authorities appointed in the wake of the elections in May 2014 have a historic, not to say overwhelming, task ahead of them. Faced with pressure from eurosceptics and europhobes alike, it falls to them to urgently impart a fresh thrust to the European construction – a process which may be the target of greater criticism than ever before but which continues to be crucial in a world where globalisation is advancing while Europe is shrinking and growing old.

In their common declaration, the participants of our 2014 European Steering Committee call on them to tackle three main questions:
1. Europeans looking out at the world
2. Making better use of the opportunities that the EU offers
3. The EU as an answer to threats

This Tribune has been published in the European and international press by the following titles: (EU), Le Figaro (France), Handelsblatt (Germany), Huffington Post – Québec (Canada), Le Jeudi (Luxembourg), La Libre Belgique (Belgium), La Repubblica (Italy), Público (Portugal) and To Vima (Greece).

This Tribune is also available in German on the Jacques Delors Institut - Berlin website.
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