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Virginie Timmerman

Virginie Timmerman

Virginie Timmerman has been a project manager Citizenship and Democracy in Notre Europe - Jacques ...
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What do citizens think the future challenges of the EU are?

on December 19, 2014, 10:00
Synthesis - Virginie Timmerman

This synthesis by Virginie Timmerman is based on the group discussions organised in 18 countries of the European Union, in the framework of the project "Horizon EU: European citizenship, a horizontal development" which collected citizens' opinion on the future challenges of the EU.

Notre Europe – Jacques Delors Institute, supported by the OPTEM network, organised the first stage of the project "Horizon EU". It aimed at allowing 157 European citizens to debate about their vision of the EU and their access to the European institutions.

Three issues were addressed in this synthesis:

1. The future challenges of the EU, spontaneous reactions

2. What will the future European policies be for citizens? 

3. What direction should the European project take for the citizens? 

Interviews of some the European citizens participating in the "Horizon EU" project are available on our YouTube channel.

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