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Nicole Koenig

Nicole Koenig

Nicole Koenig is research fellow at the Jacques Delors Institut - Berlin on political and ...
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Is Europe failing?

on November 10, 2014, 10:04
Synthesis - Nicole Koenig

This book synthesis by Nicole Koenig presents the main argument developed by Germany’s former foreign minister (1998-2005), Joschka Fischer, in his book entitled Scheitert Europa? (Is Europe failing?).

Fischer analyses the internal and external crises the European Union (EU) currently faces and draws lessons. He focusses on three issues:
1. The financial crisis and the "German question";
2. Franco-German friendship at a low point;
3. Russia, Ukraine and the strategic void.

He makes a fervent plea for deeper political integration and argues that only the development towards a ‘United States of Europe’ will prevent the EU’s gradual erosion.
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