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Giorgio Garbasso

Giorgio Garbasso

Giorgio Garbasso was a research assistant at NE - JDI from september 203 to July 2014. He graduated ...
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Should European defence be scrapped?

on September 11, 2014, 16:07
Synthesis - Giorgio Garbasso

Responding to the thought-provoking question "Should we scrap the attempt, or even the ambition, to build a Europe that is pro-active and influential on the international political stage? Should we scrap European defence?", in this essay Nicole Gnesotto conducts an in-depth analysis of European defence: its historical development, its difficulties and the future challenges that Europe must address if it wishes to succeed in playing a stabilising role in its area of influence and in living up to its ambitions. Giorgio Garbasso summarizes a few of the book’s key ideas:


1. An overview comprising both light and shade

2. A policy marked by ambiguity and division

3. Imparting a fresh boost to strategic Europe: now or never

Conclusion: Europe needs to adopt a clear narrative for its goals as an international player in the 21st century.

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