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Virginie Timmerman

Virginie Timmerman

Virginie Timmerman has been a project manager Citizenship and Democracy in Notre Europe - Jacques ...
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European citizens in Brussels: what messages?

on September 1, 2014, 17:19
Synthesis - Virginie Timmerman

4 May 2014, a few weeks before the European elections, Notre Europe - Jacques Delors Institute organised the second stage of the project "Horizon EU : European citizenship, a horizontal development" bringing together 52 citizens from 18 European Union member states in Brussels so that they could discuss their vision of the EU and their means of access to the EU. This synthesis covers the main points of the discussions of the 52 European citizens.


Two issues were addressed : 

1. What is the general attitude vis-à-vis the EU and the crisis?

2. Towards a more direct communication between citizens and institutions ?

To see the pictures, click here

To see the synthesis on the stage 1 of "Horizon EU", click here

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