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Giorgio Garbasso

Giorgio Garbasso

Giorgio Garbasso was a research assistant at NE - JDI from september 203 to July 2014. He graduated ...
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EU immigration and asylum: are we up to the challenge?

on July 30, 2014, 09:00
Synthesis - Giorgio Garbasso

As the future and the strategic guidelines of Europe’s migration policy for the post-Stockholm programme were on the agenda of the European Council on 27 June 2014, this Synthesis underlines the main elements discussed during the expert seminar organised by NE-JDI on 27 June 2014 in Paris on the future of the European immigration and asylum policy.

The seminar was attended by:
- António Vitorino, president of the Notre Europe – Jacques Delors Institute and European commissioner for justice and internal affairs from 1999 to 2004,
- Yves Pascouau, director of the European Policy Centre’s “Migration and Diversity” programme,
- Corinne Balleix, lecturer at the Paris-based Institut d’études politiques and the author of a policy paper for NE-JDI entitled “Border control and the right of asylum: Where is the EU heading?”.

The Synthesis is divided into 4 parts:
1. An overview of the current state of Europe's migration policy
2. Mutual confidence, a precondition for strengthening external controls and eliminating internal controls
3. Strengthening powers of attraction and security
4. Strategic guidelines in the post-Stockholm agenda
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