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Giorgio Garbasso

Giorgio Garbasso

Giorgio Garbasso was a research assistant at NE - JDI from september 203 to July 2014. He graduated ...
Chiara Rosselli

Chiara Rosselli

Chiara Rosselli is Research and Project Assistant atNotre Europe – Jacques Delors Institute ...
Morgan Timme

Morgan Timme

Student at The College of William and Mary, in Virginia, Morgan Timme is actually intern at the ...
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European security after Libya and Ukraine: in search of a core leadership

on July 28, 2014, 09:00
Synthesis - Giorgio Garbasso, Chiara Rosselli and Morgan Timme

The recent crises in Ukraine and Libya highlight the need to open dialogue about the purpose and structure of common European defence.

With this aim in mind, Notre Europe – Jacques Delors Institute (NE-JDI) along with the Istituto Affari Internazionali (IAI) held a seminar on 29 April 2014 entitled “European security after Libya and Ukraine: in search of a core leadership”.

An introduction by Filippo di Robilant, former advisor to the Italian minister of foreign affairs Emma Bonino, and introductory remarks by Joylon Howorth, Yale University and author of the paper presented for the seminar, were followed by a discussion with Nicole Gnesotto, vice-president of NE-JDI, Sergio Jesi, vice-president of Elettronica, and Marcin Terlikowski, analyst in the international security department of the Polish Institute of International Affairs, moderated by Alexandra de Hoop Scheffer, German Marshall Fund Paris Office.

This Synthesis aims at presenting the main issues discussed during the seminar and is divided in 3 parts:
1. A core leadership?
2. Determining a core
3. Retooling the CSDP-NATO relationship
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