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Paris, 27 June 2014 - The European Initiative Prize 2014 awarded to Y. Bertoncini & T. Chopin

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The "Prix de l’Initiative européenne" for 2014 has been awarded
to Yves Bertoncini, director of the Notre Europe – Jacques Delors Institute,
and to Thierry Chopin, director of studies with the Robert Schuman Foundation.

The Prix de l’Initiative européenne [European Initiative Prize], which celebrates its 11th anniversary this year, was instituted by the European Press Club and by the Maison de l’Europe de Paris, with the support of the European Parliament's Information Bureau for France. It is awarded each year to representatives of the media and/or other entities that devote their energies to European issues, and this year it was awarded also to Public Sénat and to Europavox.

In making the award, the jury wished to single out the two authors of a study entitled "Faces on divides: the May 2014 European elections", which discusses the major political, civic and partisan issues involved in the May 2014 elections. The jury was also eager, in broader terms, to pay tribute to Yves Bertoncini and Thierry Chopin for "the efforts that they have made to enlighten the press on European issues".

"Faces on divides: the May 2014 European elections", which is also available in French, was produced in the contextof a partnership set up by the Notre Europe – Jacques Delors Institute and VoteWatch Europe in conjunction with think tanks and research institutes in twenty EU member states, including the Robert Schuman Foundation in France.

In parallel with this study, the Notre Europe - Jacques Delors Institute also joined forces with the Mouvement Européen France to publish its vote analyses in an effort to allow readers to familiarise with the positions of the Members of the European Parliament elected in France in 2009 and 2014 in connection with twenty-one key issues such as GMO crops, the reform of the CAP, Europe's monitoring of national budgets, the opening of trade negotations with the United States and extending maternity leave. Vote analyses were also produced and disseminated to allow readers to familiarise with the positions of the Members of the European Parliament elected in each one of France's eight Euro-constituencies.

The articles in question have been mentioned or quoted from on numerous occasions both in the French national and regional press and in the broader European media.

Notre Europe – Jacques Delors Institute also played an extremely active role throughout the European election campaign in France, and in Europe as a whole, with publications, events and intervention in the media, all of which are accessible on its website at:

Media Contact:
Lucie Marnas, Communication and Media Relations Officer, +33 1 44 58 97 84, + 33 6 88 32 84 50

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