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Pascal Lamy

Pascal Lamy

Pascal Lamy, aged 63, holds an MBA from HEC, and also studied at Sciences Po, and ENA. He began his ...
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Caen, 18 December 2015 - Europe, in the face of climate change
Brussels, 8 December 2015 - Presiding the Commission, Governing Europe
Florence, 12-13 november 2015- Towards a Eurozone budget and fiscal and borrowing capacity?
Brussels, 13 October 2015 - The Juncker Plan : Open questions
Paris, 24 September 2015 - After the greek psychodrama, what improvement for the EMU?
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Brussels, 25 February 2014 - Building a world fit for today and tomorrow: What is Europe’s role?

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Our honourary president, Pascal Lamy, speaks at a conference held by EPC on "Building a world fit for today and tomorrow: What is Europe’s role?" on 25 February 2014 from 16h to 18h.

Will also speak:
Professor Ian Goldin, Vice-Chair, Oxford Martin Commission for Future Generations; Director, Oxford Martin School, University of Oxford
Philippe van Parijs, Director, Hoover Chair of economic and social ethics, University of Louvain
Yves Pascouau, Senior Policy Analyst Head of European Migration and Diversity Programme, European Policy Centre

For more information, please see the EPC website.
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