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Valentin  Kreilinger

Valentin Kreilinger

Valentin is Research Fellow and works on EU Politics and Institutions. He joined Notre Europe – ...
Key points
The Community Method, the EU's "default" operating system
The parliaments of the EU and the governance of the EMU
The Community Method, the EU's "default" operating system
The European Council and the Community Method
Co-decision and ‘early agreements’: an improvement or a subversion of the legislative procedure?
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European Institutions

Warsaw, 25 November 2013 - The EU after the 2014 Elections: Setting the Course for a Political Union?

Valentin Kreilinger, Research Fellow Politics and Institutions at Notre Europe - Jacques Delors Institute, participates in the EPIN conference (European Policy Institutes Network) at the Polish Institute for International Affairs (PISM) in Warsaw on 25 November 2013.

He speaks at the panel "May 2014: A Decisive Moment for the EU’s Future?, chaired by Sonia Piedrafita, Research Fellow at CEPS, Centre for European Policy Studies, together with:

- Krzysztof Blusz, Vice-President of the Board, demosEUROPA, Centre for European Strategy, and
- Göran von Sydow, Senior researcher, SIEPS, Swedish Institute for European Policy Studies 

For the full programme, click here.

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