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António Vitorino

António Vitorino

António Vitorino, born in 1957 in Lisbon, holds a degree in law from the University of Lisbon and ...
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European Union and Citizens

A time-lag problem, or even a lack of consistency

on October 21, 2013, 15:15
Interview - António Vitorino

António Vitorino takes a stand on the main issues of the European council of the 24th and 25th of October 2013, in an interview covering the ways to boost EU growth, the single market deepening, the banking union, the social dimension of the EMU and immigration within and towards the EU.

António Vitorino answers to the six following questions :

1 - The European Council is going to be debating ways of imparting a fresh boost to growth in Europe. What are your recommendations in this connection?

2 - The European Council is also due to discuss deepening the single market, particularly with regard to the service industry and to the digital economy: what initiatives should be given priority?

3 - Progress towards a European banking union is also on the European Council's agenda: Do you think that the progress being made is sufficiently rapid?

4 - The social dimension of the EMU is also due to be debated at this European Council meeting : what expectations do you have in that area?

5 - The European Council has been called on to address the issue of illegal immigration in the wake of the tragedies that have occurred in the Mediterranean. What is you position on this issue?

6 - Do you think, on a broader level, that the European Council should review European strategy toward immigration?

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