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Bertrand de Largentaye

Bertrand de Largentaye

Bertrand Rioust de Largentaye, a former researcher with Notre Europe (2002-2006), lived in the ...
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Challenges and prospects of a transatlantic free trade area

The Policy paper by Bertrand de Largentaye "Challenges and prospects of a transatlantic free trade area"

analyses the challenges and perspectives of the transatlantic agreement under discussion between the European Union and the United States of America.

Negotiations with a view to setting up a free-trade area between the United States and the European Union got off the ground in July 2013 with two major economicgoals, namely: to seek a fresh boost for the economy in order to allow it to emerge from the crisis; and to circumvent the obstacle of the deadlock over the multilateral negotiations in Doha.The central issue concerns regulatory non-tariff barriers essentially of a regulatory nature.

Before discussing the outlines of the upcoming negotiations, the author starts by setting the scene and looking at the current situation. He then makes some critical observations on the prospects opened up by the partnership. To conclude, he formulates possible scenarios and make recommendations.

The mandate of the European Commission is published in the Policy paper's annex.

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