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Our partners

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The Jacques Delors Institute exercises its missions on the basis of numerous partnerships, be they financial, operational and media.

Our financial Partners: 

The Jacques Delors Institute benefits from the multiannual financial support of four "big partners" :


                                         Call for project "Europe for Citizens"
                                         (European Commission)

French Government

Compagnia di San Paolo


Notre Europe - Jacques Delors Institute also benefits from the financial support of three other "partners"

 The government of the Grand duchy of Luxembourg

 The Gulbenkian Foundation 

                              GDF Suez 

Other financial partners work with us for the implementation of more punctual activities:

                                  Call for project "Europe for Citizens"
                                             (European Commission)

                                                  European Parliament

Austrian Governement

French Ministry of Foreign Affairs

                                        Körber Foundation

Our operational partners : 

Notre Europe - Jacques Delors Institute works in close collaboration with diverse operational partners (other think tank, associations, NGO etc.), with whom it produce activities of research, publications and/or organize conferences and seminars. During the last three years, our most striking partnerships were driven with:

                                                         APHG (Paris)

         Carnegie Europe (Brussels)

                                   Centro Studi Sul federalismo (Torino)

                                 CEPS (Brussels)

                                                          Centre for European Reform (London)

                         Cyprus center for European and
                          International Affairs



                                                     Demos Europa (Varsaw)





                                       Europartenaires (Paris)


                                                                       Europanova (France) 

                                                       European Council on Foreign Relations

                                                     European Policy Center (Brussels)

                                         Europeum (Prague)


                                                          Europuls (Bucarest)

Eliamep (Athens)

Fride (Madrid)

            Hertie School of Governance  (Berlin) 

                                                         IAI (Rome)

                                  Mouvement Européen France (Paris)

                                                       Real Instituto Elcano (Madrid)

                                               Sciences Po (Paris)

                                                                  SWP (Berlin)

                                                Vote Watch (Brussells)

Our media partners : 

During the last three years, Notre Europe - Jacques Delors Institute worked in close collaboration with some media partners, among which:

                                                                   Agence Europe (Bruxelles)



The Huffington Post (Paris)


                                                                        Le Nouvel Observateur (Paris)



Toute l' (Paris)

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