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Diego Valiante

Diego Valiante

Diego Valiante, Ph.D. is a Research Fellow at the Brussels-based think-tank the Centre for European ...
Dimitris  Katsikas

Dimitris Katsikas

Dimitrios Katsikas studied Business Administration at the Athens University of Economics and ...
Federico  Steinberg

Federico Steinberg

Federico Steinberg is the Senior Analyst for Economy and International Trade at the Elcano Royal ...
Filippa Chatzistavrou

Filippa Chatzistavrou

Filippa Chatzistavrou is a lawyer and has a PhD in Political Science (University of Paris I – ...
John Springford

John Springford

John Springford is a research fellow, working on economics, for the Centre for European Reform. ...
Jonas  Parello Plesner

Jonas Parello Plesner

Jonas joined ECFR as Senior Policy Fellow in 2010 directly from a position as Executive Director ...
Pawel Swieboda

Pawel Swieboda

Paweł Świeboda is President of demosEUROPA – Centre for European Strategy. Graduate of the ...
Richard  Youngs

Richard Youngs

Richard Youngs is director (on leave) of FRIDE. He is also assistant professor at the University of ...
Yiannis  Tirkides

Yiannis Tirkides

Yiannis Tirkides received his graduate and postgraduate studies in Canada, at the Universities of ...
Daniela Schwarzer

Daniela Schwarzer

Dr. Daniela Schwarzer is currently Head of the Research Division EU Integration at the German ...
Agatha Kratz

Agatha Kratz

Agatha Kratz is currently Editor in Chief of China Analysis and research fellow for ...
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Promoting EU economic interests abroad

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Notre Europe - Jacques Delors Institute presents a series of policy papers on EU resource management for the Think Global – Act European project (report available in May 2013, dir. Elvire Fabry, Senior Research Fellow, Notre Europe – Jacques Delors Institute).

The following policy papers are a contribution of the experts of working group II to the project ‘Think Global – Act European (TGAE). Thinking Strategically about the EU’s external action’ directed by Notre Europe – Jacques Delors Institute.

Before the publication of the final report presenting the key recommendations of the 16 think tanks involved in the project, 5 series of policy papers address the following key challenges: EU economic policy, migration, the EU neighbourhood, CSDP  and strategic resources.

 Europe’s Trade Strategy: Promise or Peril?

John Springford (Centre for European Reform) and Richard Youngs (FRIDE) Policy Paper n° 83, Notre Europe - Jacques Delors Institute, March 2013

Towards a transatlantic market?

Pawel Swieboda (demosEuropa) Policy Paper n° 84, Notre Europe - Jacques Delors Institute, March 2013

How can the EU promote its economic interests with China? 

Agatha Kratz and Jonas Parello-Plesner (ECFR) Policy Paper n° 85, Notre Europe - Jacques Delors Institute, March 2013

Towards a common external representation for the eurozone? 

Daniela Schwarzer (SWP),  Federico Steinberg (Elcano) and Diego Valiante (CEPS) Policy Paper n° 86, Notre Europe - Jacques Delors Institute, March 2013

Strengthening EU Presence in Global Financial Regulation Reform

Filippa Chatzistavrou (ELIAMEP), Dimitris Katsikas (ELIAMEP) and Yiannis Tirkides ( CCEIA ) Policy Paper n° 87, Notre Europe - Jacques Delors Institute, March 2013


The authors of the policy papers participated to a working group seminar, open to external experts, hosted on the 26th of October 2012 in collaboration with the Real Instituto Elcano in Madrid.

The synthesis of the seminar

Partner think tanks:


This project is led with the support of                                                    

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