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Aziliz Gouez

Aziliz Gouez

Aziliz Gouez holds a Masters from the Paris Institute of Political Studies (Sciences-Po) and a ...
Yves Bertoncini

Yves Bertoncini

Yves Bertoncini has been Director of the Jacques Delors Institute (2012-2017). He assists the ...
Peter Sutherland

Peter Sutherland

Irish and European enthusiast, Peter Sutherland is Chairman of The Federal Trust and a member of ...
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Forty years a-growing. An overview of Irish-EU relations

on February 4, 2013, 09:00
Studies and reports - Aziliz Gouez, Yves Bertoncini and Peter Sutherland

What are the main issues structuring Ireland’s relation to the EU? How has the Irish debate on Europe evolved over the course of the four decades since the small island joined the EEC, on 1st January 1973? What are the roots of Ireland’s specific stance on such questions as military neutrality, abortion, corporate taxation, or the balance of power between small and large Member States? How do Dublin’s special relations with the United States and Britain play out in the Irish positioning on European matters? To what extent does the current debt crisis reconfigure Irish perceptions of Europe? And in what ways is this likely to influence the conduct of the Irish Presidency of the Council of the EU?

To answer these questions, Aziliz Gouez, Associate Fellow at Notre Europe - Jacques Delors Institute has gathered the views of four prominent actors in Ireland’s European life: Pat Cox (former President of the European Parliament), Lucinda Creighton (Minister for European Affairs), Micheál Martin (leader of Fianna Fáil) and Peter Sutherland (Chairman of Goldman Sachs International). This publication also includes a paper by Tony Brown (IIEA), analysing the 2012 Irish referendum on the Stability Treaty.

Notre Europe - Jacques Delors Institute invites you to the exceptional conference of Mr Michael D. Higgins, Président of Ireland: "European Year of Citizens : What kind of Citizenship? What kind of Europe?", in Paris on 18 February.

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