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Citizen dialogue

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Since its creation, the Jacques Delors Institute meets with European citizens, in line with the wishes of its founding President. While the European project arouses indifference, even distrust, citizens must be involved in the European construction and the functioning of the European Union.

Jacques Delors, our founding president, has on several occasions underlined the importance he attaches to involving citizens in the European construction: “The very name Notre Europe [Our Europe], which I chose for the research institute at its creation in 1996, embodies a search for simplicity. Everything is in the name, because this Europe born after the Second World War, the Europe of peace is indeed “ours”, whether we are political leaders, activists or ordinary citizens.”

Our first core vocation is to publish analyses and recommendations for decision-maker and experts, the Jacques Delors Institute makes an effort to knot a regular dialogue between citizens, decision-makers, and experts, which, furthermore, allows us to enrich our studies. That is why we often take part in conferences open to the public and we organise regularly our “citizens’ dialogues”. The overall goal is to contribute to a wide public debate, in which everyone can express its opinions, debate, and exchange about European Union common future.

The Jacques Delors Institute develop its « citizens’ dialogues » in four main parts:

Civil society

The  Jacques Delors Institute is a partner of several unions, included the Mouvement Européen France (French European Movement), to organise citizens’ events where Europeans can talk with decision-makers and experts. After having helped to create “Europe Forum” in France, we set up conferences cycles, included the cycle “European Public Space” and the one for the project “Right of inventory – Right to invent” (est ce qu’on le traduit?).

Citizens 2.0

The Jacques Delors Institute develop its citizens’ actions over the internet and social networks, which allow to create direct talks and to expand the number of participants. For instance, we have launched the “Citizens web dialogues”, during which citizens have the opportunity to ask questions to a European personalities and to react in live after their answers.

Social partners

The Jacques Delors Institute has concluded a strategic cooperation agreement with La Macif, which allow them to organise common events about European issues for a non-expert public.We also organise regularly conferences in partnership with the European Economic and Social Committee and other social partners.


The Jacques Delors Institute has for example contributed to the launch in 2012 to the first French edition of the European history contest EU Story, in collaboration with the French History-Geography teachers (l’Association française des Professeurs d’Histoire Géographie). This contest urges young generation to study local, regional or national history in a European perspective.

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